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Women's Faculty Council

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  • 2022

    We'd like to thank our 2022 Award Sponsors

    College of Arts & Sciences

    College of Education and Human Sciences

    College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology
    Ferguson College of Agriculture
    Graduate College
    Institute for Technology and Learning Excellence
    Office of Institutional Diversity

    Office of the Provost / Academic Affairs

    Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

    Spears School of Business
    Vice President for Research

    Research Award Winners

    PhD Student Research Award Recipients

    Joel Komakech (Nutritional Sciences):

    Peer Support Groups Improve Infant Nutrition and Growth Among Refugees in the Post-Emergency Settlements in Uganda 

    Advisor: Dr. Barbara Stoecker

    Pramila Lamichhane (Veterinary Pathobiology):

    Development of a Live-Attenuated Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine Based on Single-cycle Replication 

    Advisor: Dr. Antonius G.P. Oomens

    Kayla Loper (Research, Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics):

    University Student Belonging Scale: Defining and Evaluating Students’Sense of Belonging to Their University 

    Advisor: Dr. Ki Cole

    Irene Miller (Aviation):

    Aviation Maintenance & STEM Grants 

    Advisor: Dr. Timm Bliss

    Caroline Muteti (Chemistry):

    Characterizing Students' Study Strategies and Gains Before and After a Metacognition Instruction and Investigating the Impact of the Metacognition Training on Student Performance in General Chemistry 1 Course 

    Advisor: Dr. Jacinta Mutambuki

    Stephanie Myers (Pharmacology and Physiology):

    Protective Effects of the Anti-inflammatory Agent β-Funaltrexamine Against Lipopolysaccharide-induced Inflammation and Behavior Deficits 

    Advisor: Dr. Randall L. Davis

    Emily Nunan (Physiological Sciences in the College of VetMed):

    Myostatin Deletion Preserves Cardio-Metabolic and Skeletal Muscle Function in Type 1 Diabetes 

    Advisor: Dr. Joshua Butcher

    Megan Ruby (Curriculum Studies):

    Nice White Teacher: How Niceness and Whiteness Prevent Anti-Racist Pedagogy in the Classroom 

    Advisor: Dr. Erin Dyke

    Khaled Mohammed Saifuddin (Computer Science):

    Drug Abuse Detection in Twitter-sphere: Graph-Based Approach 

    Advisor: Dr. Ezra Akbas

    Miruthula Tamil Selvan (Veterinary Pathobiology):

    Immunopathogenesis of SARS CoV-2 Delta Variant in the Feline Model 

    Advisor: Dr. Craig Miller

    Lisa E. Wright (English)

    “The Ring of Fire: A Memoir” 

    Advisor: Dr. Sara Beth Childers

    Ping Xiao (Animal and Food Sciences):

    RNA-seq reveals insights into molecular mechanism of metabolic restoration via tryptophan supplementation in low birthweight piglet model 

    Advisor: Dr. Darren E. Hagen

    Masters Student Research Award Recipients

    Gina Errico (Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution):

    Impact of Fungal Spillover on Plant Species Coexistence 

    Advisor: Dr. Benedicte Bachelot

    April Lim (English):

    Joss Paper

    Advisor: Dr. Janine Joseph

    Casey Meili (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics):

    Assessing Anaerobic Gut Fungal Diversity in Herbivores through a Global-level Survey 

    Advisor: Dr. Noha Youssef

    Samantha Murray (Natural Resource Ecology and Mangement):

    Understand the Effects of Structural Diversity and Drought Stress on Forest Productivity 

    Advisor: Dr. Lu Zhai

    Makayla Simmons (Nutritional Sciences):

    Impact of Child Nutrition Programs Offered in Schools on Daily Nutrition and Dietary Quality 

    Advisor: Dr. Jill Joyce, PhD, RD

    Katherine Slenker (Biomedical Sciences):

    Osteohistology of Antilocaprid Horncores 

    Advisor: Dr. Haley O'Brien

    Amanda Somers (Psychology):

    An Investigation of Habituation, Pseudoconditioning, and Alpha Conditioning in Tardigrades Before and After Anhydrobiosis 

    Advisor: Dr. Charles I. Abramson

    Rachael Turner (Psychology):

    Caregiver Preparedness during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

    Advisor: Dr. Celinda Reese-Melancon

    Undergraduate Student Research Award Recipients

    Kaitlyn Cotton (Molecular Genetics):

    Candida albicans

    Advisor: Dr. Karen Wozniak

    Jaeley Gattis (Entomology):

    Effectiveness of Entomopathogenic Metarhizium Fungi on Eliminating Black Cutworms on Turfgrass 

    Advisor: Dr. Eric J. Rebek

    Madelyn Scott (Animal and Food Sciences):

    Effects of Light and Oxygen on Non-Enzymatic Metmyoglobin Reduction in-vitro 

    Advisor: Dr. Ranjith Ramanathan

  • 2021

    We'd like to thank our 2021 Award Sponsors

    College of Arts & Sciences

    College of Education and Human Sciences

    College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology
    Ferguson College of Agriculture
    Graduate College
    Institute for Technology and Learning Excellence
    Office of Institutional Diversity

    Office of the President

    Office of the Provost / Academic Affairs

    Spears School of Business
    Vice President for Research

    Research Award Winners

    *In lieu of an awards reception, each award recipient has provided a short video or infographic about their research project. Click on the title of each project to view.*

    PhD Student Research Award Recipients

    Harshini Ashar (Physiological Sciences): Effects of focused ultrasound and nanoparticles on chemo-immunotherapy of chronic musculoskeletal infections and spontaneous canine cancers

    Advisor: Dr. Ashish Ranjan

    Juhi Chaturvedi (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology): Towards elucidating the structural basis of antagonizing SAMD9 by poxvirus proteins

    AdvisorDr. Junpeng Deng

    Deja Clement (Psychology): The Moderating Effects of Race-Based Rejection Sensitivity on Defeat and Entrapment in Black Women: The Integrated Motivational Volitional Model of Suicide

    AdvisorDr. LaRicka Wingate 

    Delaney Dunn (Psychology): Displacement Imposition Scale Assesses Reactions of Cigarette and E-Cigarette Users Impacted by a Campus-Wide Smoking Ban

    Advisor: Dr. Thad Leffingwell 

    Anna Goldkamp (Animal and Food Sciences): Characterization of transfer RNA and transfer RNA fragment expression in large offspring syndrome

    AdvisorDr. Darren Hagen

    Parniyan Goodarzi (Animal and Food Sciences): Dietary tryptophan supplementation improves fat and glucose metabolism in a piglet model of low birth weight

    AdvisorDr. Adel Pezeshki

    Christopher Linforth (English): May Our Ghosts Stay With Us: Stories with a Critical Introduction

    AdvisorDr. Aimee Parkison

    Chelsea Murphy (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics): Methylotrophy, alkane-degradtion, and pigment production as defining features of the globally distributed yet-uncultured phylum Binatota

    AdvisorDr. Noha Youssef

    Sara Nezami Nav (English): A Multimodal Genre Analysis of Research Video Abstracts 

    AdvisorDr. Stephanie Link

    Radhika Pande (Biochemistry and Microbiology): Understanding epigenetic mechanism: a novel way to approach therapeutic targets for the treatment of colitis

    AdvisorDr. Subhas Das

    Pratishtha Poudel (Plant and Soil Sciences): Ecophysiological Modeling of Yield and Yield Components in Winter Wheat using Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis

    AdvisorDr. Phillip Alderman

    Nicole Ruppe (Psychology): Longitudinal Associations between Depression and Religiosity/Spirituality among Individuals with Asthma

    AdvisorDr. Ashley Clawson

    Alexandra Serbinovskaya (English): Perception of American English Regional Dialects by Speakers of Other Languages

    AdvisorDr. Dennis Preston

    Salome Suarez  (Entomology and Plant Pathology): Host-pathogen interactions in the Tan Spot Pathosystem

    AdvisorDr. Stephen Marek

    Shoukath Sulthana (Chemistry): Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles: A Potential Targeted Drug Delivery Vehicle

    Advisor: Dr. Yolanda Vasquez

    Sierra Williams (Integrative Biology): Long-term implications of viral neuroinflammation on behavior 

    Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Grindstaff

    Shauni Windle (Integrative Biology): Effect of atrazine on the development of the native amphibian Acris blanchardi (Blanchard's cricket frog)

    Advisor: Dr. Scott McMurry

    Masters Student Research Award Recipients

    Alayna Gerhardt (Plant and Soil Sciences): Using Reduced-Lignin Alfalfa Cultivars To Improve Water Use Efficiency, Forage Yield, And Forage Quality In Water-Limited Environments

    AdvisorDr. Alex Rocateli

    Ryan Hahn (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics): Discovery and characterization of novel microbial lineages in an early Earth analogue sulfur-based ecosystem 

    AdvisorDr. Noha Youssef

    Yevgeniya Malyutina (Natural Resource Ecology and Management): Evaluating non-native earthworm effects on soil microbial and plant communities in a North American tallgrass prairie

    AdvisorDr. Gail Wilson

    Tina Sergi (Nutritional Sciences): Systematic Review of the Relationship Between Body Mass Index and Health and Occupational Performance Among Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and Military Personnel

    AdvisorDr. Jill Joyce

    Undergraduate Student Research Award Recipients

    Seraiah Coe (Natural Resource Ecology and Management): Free-ranging domestic cat abundance and sterilization percentage following five years of a trap–neuter–return program

    AdvisorDr. Scott Loss

    Kayla Morrison  (Agriculture): Bermudagrass eradication for Oklahoma Gardeners 

    AdvisorDr. Justin Moss 

    Zoe Siebert (Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution): The Contribution of Amino Acid Biosynthetic Genes for Plant Effector-Triggered Immunity (ETI) in Arabidopsis thaliana

    AdvisorDr. Heejin Yoo

    Emilie Tindle (History): Subject & Scholar: How 20th & 21st Century Historians have Interpreted the U.S.- Mexican War

    Advisor: Dr. Richard Boles

  • 2020

    2020 WFC Students Research Award Winners

    We'd like to thank our 2020 Award Sponsors

    College of Arts & Sciences

    College of Education, Health, and Aviation

    College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology
    College of Human Sciences
    Graduate College
    Institute for Technology and Learning Excellence
    Office of Institutional Diversity

    Office of the President

    Office of the Provost / Academic Affairs

    Spears School of Business
    Vice President for Research

    Research Award Winners

    PhD Student Research Award Recipients

    Samantha Addante (Psychology)

    Advisor: Dr. Lucia Ciciolla

    Yasaman Farsiani (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)

    AdvisorDr. Brian Elbing

    Jun Fu (Educational Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Sue Jacobs

    Emily Geest (Integrated Biology)

    Advisor: Dr. Kristen Baum 

    Svetlana Koltovskaia (English)

    AdvisorDr. Stephanie Link

    Harley Layman (Clinical Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Misty Hawkins

    Susanna Lopez (Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Thad Leffingwell

    Megan Perez (Clinical Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Larry Mullins

    Ashley Rankin (Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Jennifer Byrd-Craven

    Erin Ratliff (Human Development & Family Science)

    AdvisorDr. Amanda Morris

    Caroline Roberts (Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. John Chaney

    Asma Tabassum (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)

    AdvisorDr. He Bai

    Emma Unruh-Dawes (Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Tony Wells

    Jessica Watts (Teaching, Learning & Educational Sciences)

    AdvisorDr. Erin Dyke 

    Masters Student Research Award Recipeints

    Teri Cocke (Integrative Biology)

    AdvisorDr. Kristem Baum

    Carley Cook (Chemical Engineering)

    AdvisorDr. Ashlee Ford Versypt

    Katelyn Miller (Agricultural Education, Communications, Leadership)

    AdvisorDr. Angel Riggs

    Andrea Salazar (Entomolgy & Plant Pathology)

    AdvisorDr. Bruce Noden

    KiriLi Stauch (Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Charles Abramson

    Madison Stout (Clinical Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Misty Hawkins 

    Undergraduate Student Research Award Recipeints

    Garrett Dugan (Political Science)

    AdvisorDr. Holley Hansen

    Mallory King (Hospitality & Tourism Management)

    AdvisorDr. Willie Tao

    Claire Ringer (History)

    AdvisorDr. Laura Arata

  • 2019

    2019 WFC Students Research Award Winners

    We'd like to thank our 2019 Award Sponsors

    College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

    College of Arts & Sciences

    College of Education, Health, and Aviation

    College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology
    College of Human Sciences
    Graduate College
    Institute for Technology and Learning Excellence
    Office of Institutional Diversity

    Office of the President

    Office of the Provost / Academic Affairs
    Vice President for Research


    Research Award Winners

    PhD Student Research Award Recipeints

    Machele Anderson (Human Development and Family Science)

    Advisor: Dr. Ron Cox

    Lauren Cline (Agricultural Education, Communications, and Leadership)

    AdvisorDr. Penny Weeks

    Sarah Elzay (Integrative Biology)

    AdvisorDr. Kristen Baum

    Hannah Espeleta (Clinical Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Larry Mullins

    Ray Garza (Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Jennifer Byrd-Craven

    Sarah Groover (Biomedical Sciences / Biochemistry & Microbiology)

    AdvisorDr. Rashmi Kabul

    Xiaowei Hu (Statistics)

    AdvisorDr. Lan Zhu

    Gretta Marie Sharp (Entomology and Plant Pathology)

    AdvisorDr. Li Marie Ma

    Cindy Tsotsoros (Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Douglas Hershey

    Cole Wayant (Biomedical Sciences)

    AdvisorDr. Matt Vassar

    Erin Wood (Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Shelia Kennison



    Masters Student Research Award Recipeints


    Emily Duncan (History)

    AdvisorDr. Laura Arata

    Paulina Harron (Natural Resource Ecology and Management)

    AdvisorDr. Omkar Joshi

    Kiera Kauffman (Natural Resource Ecology and Management)

    AdvisorDr. Dwayne Elmore

    Ravneet Kaur (Natural Resource Ecology and Management)

    AdvisorDr. Omkar Joshi

    Charlotte Key (Integrative Biology)

    AdvisorDr. Jennifer Shaw

    Esosa Osagiede (Health, Counseling & Counseling Psychology, Public Health)

    AdvisorDr. Randolph Hubach

    Angela Riley (Integrative Biology)

    AdvisorDr. Jennifer Grindstaff

    Megan Roselli (Natural Resource Ecology and Management)

    AdvisorDr. Scott Loss


    Undergraduate Student Research Award Recipeints

    Bridget Flynn (Political Science)

    AdvisorDr. Holley Hansen

    Courtney Mason (Psychology)

    AdvisorDr. Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt

    Victoria Pickens (Entomology and Plant Pathology)

    AdvisorDr. Astri Wayadande

    Morgan Strawn (English)

    AdvisorDr. Elizabeth Grubgeld

  • 2018

    2018 WFC Students Research Award Winners

    We'd like to thank our 2018 Award Sponsors

    Center for Veterinary Health Sciences
    College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

    College of Arts & Sciences

    College of Education, Health, and Aviation

    College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology
    College of Human Sciences
    Graduate College
    Institute for Technology and Learning Excellence
    Office of Institutional Diversity

    Office of the President

    Office of the Provost / Academic Affairs
    Spears School of Business
    Vice President for Research


    Research Award Winners



    Christine Walters (PhD, Nutritional Sciences)

    Advisor: Dr. Barbara J. Stoecker

    Michelle King (PhD, Microbiology)

    Advisor: Dr. Marianna Patrauchan

    Hope Hall (PhD, Civil Engineering)

    Advisor: Dr. Tyler Ley

    Ayantika Sen (PhD, Biomedical Sciences)

    Advisor: Dr. Rashmi Kaul

    Natalie Keirns (PhD, Psychology)

    Advisor: Dr. Misty Hawkins

    Bridget Rebek (PhD, Health and Human Performance)

    Advisor: Dr. Julie Croff

    Maria Proano (PhD, Entomology and Plant Pathology)

    Advisor: Dr. Carla Garzon

    Elizabeth Bass (PhD, History)

    Advisor: Dr. Holly Karibo

    Christina Sharkey (PhD, Psychology)

    Advisor: Dr. Larry Mullins

    Christina Anaya (PhD, Integrative Biology)

    Advisor: Dr. Matthew G. Bolek

    Tessa Recendes (PhD, Management)

    Advisor: Dr. Federico Aime

    Gabriela Fonseca Pereira (PhD, Design, Housing, and Merchandising)

    Advisor: Dr. Mihyun Kang

    Claudia Diaz (PhD, Entomology and Plant Pathology)

    Advisor: Dr. Li Maria Ma

    Kate Gamwell (PhD, Psychology)

    Advisor: Dr. John M. Chaney

    Sikta Patnaik (PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

    Advisor: Dr. Junpeng Deng

    Ayesha Siddiqua (PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering)

    Advisor: Dr. Guoliang Fan

    Chitra Singh (PhD, Design, Housing and Merchandising)

    Advisor: Dr. Cosette Armstrong

    Marissa Baudino (PhD, Psychology)        

    Advisor: Dr. John Chaney

    Kathleen McNamara (Masters, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

    Advisor: Dr. Jamey Jacob

    Jarrod Bock (Masters, Psychology)

    Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Byrd-Craven

    Kristen McKinney (Masters, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

    Advisor: Dr. Jamey Jacob

    Yen Nguyen (Masters, School of Chemical Engineering)

    Advisor: Dr. Ashlee Ford Versypt

    Tara Wyatt (Masters, Human Development and Family Science)

    Advisor: Dr. Karina Shreffler

    Nikki Clauss (Masters, Psychology)

    Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Byrd-Craven, Ph.D.




    Taylor Todd (Junior, Political Science)

    Advisor: Dr. Holley Hansen

    Karley Washburn (Senior, Nutritional Sciences)

    Advisor: Dr. Brenda J. Smith

    Rachael Merkel (Junior, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

    Advisor: Dr. Arvind Santhanakrishnan

    Maggie Jones (Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences)

    Advisor: Dr. Stephen Clarke

    Emily Gietzen (Junior, Microbiology)

    Advisor: Dr. Erika Lutter

    Eleanor Shore (Sophomore, Integrative Biology)

    Advisor: Karen McBee

  • 2017

    2017 WFC Students Research Award Winners

     We'd like to thank our 2017 Award Sponsors

    Center for Veterinary Health Sciences
    College of Arts & Sciences
    College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology
    College of Human Sciences
    College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
    Graduate College
    Institute for Technology and Learning Excellence
    Office of the President
    Spears School of Business
    Vice President for Institutional Diversity
    Vice President and Provost Academic Affairs
    Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer
    Vice President for Student Affairs
    Women's Faculty Council


    Research Award Winners



    Emma Brett (PhD, Psychology) 
    “Incorporating values into personalized feedback interventions for college student drinking: A novel approach”
    Advisor: Thad Leffingwell

    Jennifer Daer Shields (PhD, Psychology)
    “Facilitating Engagement: An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Participant Attrition in the Treatment of Youth with Problematic Sexual Behavior”
    Advisor: Lana Beasley

    Emily Ellis (Masters, Geography)
    “Ideal Methods for Identifying Urban Vegetation and Assessing Vegetation Change: A Study of Oklahoma City, 2006-2013”
    Advisor: Adam Mathews

    Leandra Figueroa-Hall (PhD, Pharmacology and Physiology)
    “Characterization of LPS-induced TLR4 inflammatory signaling and the effects of fentanyl and morphine in a human microglial cell line, CHME-5”
    Advisor: Randall Davis

    Roha Mariam Kaipa (PhD, Psychology)
    “The effect of hormonal changes and hemispheric differences in female word processing”
    Advisor: Shelia Kennison

    Keri Kytola (Masters, Psychology)
    “Can Performance Predictions Improve Prospective Memory and Does Type of Prediction Matter?”
    Advisor: Celinda Reese-Melancon

    Eleanor Leavens (Masters, Psychology)
    “Comparison of a Preferred versus Non-Preferred Waterpipe Tobacco Flavor: Subjective Experience, Smoking Behavior, and Toxicant Exposure”
    Advisor: Thad Leffingwell

    Pushpinder Litt (PhD, Animal Science)
    “Novel Bacteriophages and Associated Enzymes for Reduction of Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli and their Biofilms”
    Advisor: Divya Jaroni

    Alexandria Mullins (PhD, Psychology)
    “Illness Uncertainty and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in parents of Children with Disorders/Differences of Sex Development”
    Advisor: Larry Mullins

    Tracey Payton Miller (PhD, Entomology and Plant Pathology)
    “Evaluation of the Aphidius colemani-Rhopalosiphum padi banker plant system in Oklahoma Greenhouse Production”
    Advisor: Eric Rebek

    Minu Pilvankar (PhD, Chemical Engineering)
    “Mathematical Model for Glucose Dependence of the Local Renin-Angiotensin System in Kidney cells in Diabetic Kidney Disease”
    Advisor: Ashlee Ford Versypt

    Hannah Robinson (Masters, Nutritional Science)
    “Low-Income Older Adults’ Use of Food Pantries as a Way to Cope with Food Insecurity”
    Advisor: Janice Hermann

    Cassandra Rodenbaugh (PhD, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences)
    “Sonoclot® Evaluation of Fresh vs. Citrated Whole Blood Coagulation in Chickens”
    Advisor: Joao Brandao

    Caitlin Smith (PhD, Psychology)
    “Grit’s Effect on Weight Loss through Increased Treatment Adherence: A Pilot Study”
    Advisor: Misty Hawkins




    Caitlyn Gilbert (Senior, Communications Sciences and Disorders)
    “Use of Interpreters by Monolingual and Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists in the U.S. - Findings from a Survey”
    Advisor: Sabiha Parveen

    Chelsey Johnson (Senior, Political Science)
    “Do Women Peacekeepers Keep Peace? An Analysis of United Nations Peacekeeping Missions and the Duration of Peace after Civil Conflict”
    Advisor: Holley Hansen

    Jacquelyn Lane (Senior, Chemical Engineering)
    “Mathematical Modeling of Cannabinoid Pharmacokinetics and Predictive Functions”
    Advisor: Ashlee Ford Versypt

    Melissa Lies (Senor, Design, Housing and Merchandising)
    “Place Attachment and Design Features in a Rural Senior Cohousing Community”
    Advisor: Mihyun Kang

  • 2016

    2016 Research Award Winners


    Graduate Students


    Kate Klavon (Masters, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)
    “Advances in Predicting and Modeling Cohesive Sediment Erosion for Applications in Streambank Restoration”
    Advisor: Garey Fox

    Morganne Kraines (PhD, Psychology)
    “Gender Differences in Attention to Disgust Facial Stimuli”
    Advisor: Tony Wells

    Lynne Beaty (PhD, Integrative Biology)
    “Predation risk reduces behavioral variation of tadpoles”
    Advisor: Barney Luttbeg

    Mimi Xie (PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    “Energy-Harvesting Powered Non-Volatile Embedded Systems for Future Generation Internet of Things”
    Advisor: Jingtong Hu

    Feibo Shao (PhD, Management)
    “How Ideologies Influence the Legitimacy of State Involvement in Corporate Governance”
    Advisor: Scott Johnson

    Srijana Karki (Masters, Sociology)
    “Social Capital and Women Returning to School: A Study among Women Attending Secondary School in Kathmandu, Nepal”
    Advisor: Tamara Mix

    Hua Lin (PhD, Human Development and Family Science)
    “Exploring the Associations of Momentary Parenting Goals with Micro and Macro Levels of Parenting: Emotions, Attributions, Actions, and Styles”
    Advisor: Robert Larzelere

    Amanda Cothern (PhD, Human Development and Family Science)
    “Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities”
    Advisor: Jennifer Jones

    Farzana Rouf (PhD, Physiological Sciences)
    “Hyperglycemia and Oxidative Stress: The Two Major Modulators of Placental Growth Factor in the Heart”
    Advisor: Pamela Lloyd


    Stephanie Tarle (PhD, Psychology)
    “Working Memory and Behavioral Inhibition in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Re-examination of Competing Core Processes”
    Advisor: Matt Alderson

    Leigha Lynch (PhD, Biomedical Sciences)
    “How Equivalent Are Morphological and Molecular Species and Subspecies? Testing a 12000-Year Record of Fossil and Recent Martes”
    Advisor: Anne Weil




    Rachel Davis (Junior, Chemical Engineering)
    “Investigation of the Interaction Between a Novel Drug Delivery System and an Epithelial Cell Layer”
    Advisor: Heather Fahlenkamp

    Kristina Baker (Junior, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)
    “Studying Algae Bloom Effects on Microbial Community Changes in Grand Lake”
    Advisor: Noha Youssef

    Michele Higgins (Senior, Chemical Engineering)
    “Mathematical Modeling of Podocyte Cells in a Diabetic Kidney Disease”
    Advisor: Ashlee Ford Versypt

    Emily Allen (Sophomore, History)
    “London's Coinage Crimes: a Parish Analysis of the Families that Lived in Them”
    Advisor: Emily Graham

    Isabel Mulino (Senior, Political Science)
    “Does Microcredit Actually Reduce National Poverty Rates?”
    Advisor: Holley Hansen

  • 2015

    2015 Research Award Winners

    Erica Crockett (Junior, Nutritional Sciences)
    “The Effects of Tart Cherry on the Gut Mucosal Immune System in Context of Ovarian Hormone Deficiency”
    Advisor: Brenda Smith

    Julena Bonner (Ph.D., Management)
    “Unethical Behavior and Exemplification Behaviors: an Examination of the Personal Consequences of Engagement in Unethical Behavior”
    Advisor: Rebecca Greenbaum

    Serena Engle (Senior, Art)
    “Investigating Ehlers Danlos Syndrome”
    Advisor: Liz Roth

    Janna Colaizzi (Ph.D, Psychology)
    “Early Development of Empathy and Prosocial Behaviors”
    Advisor: David Thomas

    Shreyashi Chakdar (Ph.D., Physics)
    “New Physics at the TeV Scale”
    Advisor: Satya Nandi

    Kathryn Smith (Ph.D., Veterinary Biomedical Sciences)
    “Advancements in the Medical Treatment of Fungal Keratitis in Horses”
    Advisor: Margi Gilmour

    Shannon Norris (Masters, Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership)
    “Servant Leadership: Perceptions of First-Semester College Students at Oklahoma State University”
    Advisor: Shelly Sitton

    Danielle Perryman (Masters, Integrative Biology)
    “Effects of Supplemental Feeding of Eastern Bluebirds, Sialia Sialis”
    Advisor: Jennifer Grindstaff

    Manushree Bharadwaj (Ph.D., Physiological Sciences)
    “Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Pyridostigmine in Congestive Heart Failure”
    Advisor: Lara Maxwell

    Alexandra Taylor (Masters, Animal Science)
    “Evaluation of Beef Cattle Well-Being for Climate Adaptability and Habituation to Drought”
    Advisor: Michelle Calvo-Lorenzo

    Jennifer Graef (Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences)
    “Phenolic Compounds in Dried Plum Improve Bone Health by Altering the Immune Response in the Intestinal Mucosa”
    Advisor: Brenda Smith

  • 2014

    2014 Research Award Winners

     Erin Brannon
    “Translational science of pediatric behavior change: “Is there an app for that?”
    Advisor: Christopher Cushing

    Randi Williams
    “Electronic Medical Record Adoption in Oklahoma: Rural-Urban Differences and the Role of Broadband Availability”
    Advisor: Brian Whitacre
    Agricultural Economics

    Allison Loveless
    “Bobcats Across their Geographic Range: Combining Ecological Niche Modeling and Morphology to Assess the Population Genetic Structure of Lynx Rufus”
    Advisor: Monica Paper

    Shalaka Lotlikar
    “Physiological, Biochemical and Structural Characterization of Carbonic Anhydrases (CAS) to Elucidate Molecular Mechanism of Calcification, a Novel Virulence Factor in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa”
    Advisor: Marianna Patrauchan
    Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

    Nisha Bajracharya
    “Phosphine Resistance Management in the United States”
    Advisor: George Opit
    Entomology and Plant Pathology

    Melody Denny
    “The Discourse of Writing Center Interaction: the RER as an Emergent Discourse Space”
    Advisor: Rebecca Damron

    Victoria O’Keefe
    “The Role of Hope and Optimism in Suicide Risk for American Indians/Alaska Natives”
    Advisor: LaRicka Wingate

    Kimberly Roewe
    “Seeking Alternative Methods for the Synthesis of Linear Oligogermanes”
    Advisor: Charles Weinert

    Jordan Beeler
    “Uncovering Climate and Soil Carbon Feedbacks Using the Oklahoma Mesonet”
    Advisor: Jason Warren
    Plant and Soil Sciences

    Megan Trope
    “Long-Term, Non-Invasive Genetic Monitoring Program for Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)”
    Advisor: Ronald Van Den Bussche

    Evan White
    “The Relationship Between Attention Control, Social Anxiety, and Working Memory”
    Advisor: DeMond Grant

  • 2013

    2013 Research Award Winners

    Sallie Ruskoski
    “Influence of extracellular polysaccharide on biofilm formation in Burkholderia multivorans variant strains”
    Advisor: Franklin Champlin
    Dept.: OSU Center for Health Sciences, Biochemistry and Microbiology Dept.

    Rachel Eguren
    “Community structure, population demographics, and biomarkers in Chiroptera from Tar Creek Superfund Site, Oklahoma, USA”
    Advisor: Karen McBee
    Dept.: Zoology

    Sara Lineen
    “Effects of Mannan oligosaccharide on beef cow performance and passive immunity transfer to calves”
    Advisor: David Lalman
    Dept.: Animal Science

    Ashleigh Coser
    “An examination of American Indian parenting competency and child behavior”
    Advisor: Maureen Sullivan
    Dept.: Psychology

    Crystal Labrosse (Diversity Award)
    “Women without men: heaven or hell”
    Advisor: Louise Siddons
    Dept.: Art, Graphic Design, and Art History

    Wilhelmina Wise
    “Potential theory and geometry of the farthest distance function”
    Advisor: Igor Pritsker
    Dept.: Mathematics

    Lindsay Murn
    “Increasing self-compassion and positive body esteem: an expressive writing intervention”
    Advisor: Steve Harrist
    Dept.: School of Applied Health and Educational Psychology

    Elizabeth Rendina
    “The role of Toll-like Receptor 4 in the dysregulation of bone metabolism during the initiation and progression of Type 2 Diabetes”
    Advisor: Brenda Smith
    Dept.: Nutritional Sciences

    Venkata Swapna Kolli
    “Structure and function analysis of H7, a Vaccinia viral protein”
    Advisor: Junpeng Deng
    Dept.: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    Belinda Castanon
    “Follicle-stimulating hormone regulation of estradiol production: possible involvement of WNT2 and β-Catenin in bovine granulosa cells”
    Advisor: Jennifer Hernandez Gifford
    Dept.: Animal Science

    Katelyn Parsons
    “Analyzing Twitter use during the 2012 Farm Bill debate”
    Advisor: Dwayne Cartmell
    Dept.: Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

    Chelsea Medlock
    “Remembering the forgotten legions: the veteranization of British war horses, 1850-1950”
    Advisor: Joseph Byrnes
    Dept.: History

    Jessica Glover
    “Nothing sacred: the Oneida collection”
    Advisor: Lisa Lewis
    Dept.: English

    Milecia Matthews
    “The feasibility of an elliptical-shaped wind turbine”
    Advisor: Jamey Jacob
    Dept.: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • 2012

    2012 Research Award Winners

    Kaitlin Thomas
    "Stochastic Annuities and Their Applications"
    Advisor, Abe Ahmad
    Department: Statistics

    Amy Anderson
    "Distant Goals Among College Students"
    Advisor, Shelia Kennison
    Department: Psychology

    Chelsey Crawford
    "The Permeable Self: Quotation and Moving Image"
    Advisor, Linda Austin
    Department: English

    McKale Davis
    "Enhanced Expression of Lipogenic Genes May Contribute to Hyperglycemia and Alterations in Plasma Lipids in Response to Dietary Iron Deficiency"
    Advisor, Stephen Clarke
    Department: Nutritional Sciences

    Luella D'Amico
    "Fallen Angels, or the 'Other' Republican Mothers: Adolescent Pregnancy in American Literature, 1789-1819"
    Advisor, Brian Whiteacre
    Department: Agricultural Economics

    Ashley Jackson
    "How Specialized is 'Too' Specialized?: Outmigration and Industry Diversification in Nonmetropolitan Counties Across America"
    Advisor, Brian Whiteacre
    Department: Agricultural Economics

    Lauren Oseland
    "Parenting Styles and the Self Development of Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities"
    Advisor, Jennifer L. Jones
    Department: Human Development and Family Science

    Megan Prouty
    "Bloodmeal Identification of Mosquitoes in Oklahoma"
    Advisor, Michael R. Reiskind
    Department: Entymology and Plant Pathology

    Martha Zapata Roblyer
    "A Meta-Analysis of the Association Between Acculturation and Substance Use Among Hispanic American Youth"
    Advisor, Ronald B. Cox
    Department: Human Development and Family Science

    Mary Sanders
    "A Mighty Fortress is our Battle Hymn of the Republic?: Corresponding Narratives in the National Prayer Service on September 14, 2001"
    Advisor, Richard C. Rohrs
    Department: History

    Bhavna Sharma
    "Physical Properties of Switchgrass as Related to Before and After Frost Harvesting; Scenario Optimization Model for Designing Biomass Supply Logistics Model"
    Advisor, Carol L. Jones
    Department: Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

    Clairissa Craige
    "Effects of Diet on IGF-1, Insulin, and Glucose Levels in Growing Horses"
    Advisor, Steven Cooper
    Department: Animal Science

  • 2011

    2011 Research Award Winners

     Sarah Mahaffey (Senior),  “Familial Grief and Resilience Following the Loss of a Family Member in Combat”
    Faculty advisor, Dr. Karina Schreffler, Human Development and Family Science

    Lindsey Campbell (Junior), “Identifying a Self-handicapping Sub-group of High Risk Drinkers”
    Faculty advisor, Dr. Thad Leffingwell, Psychology

    Aesha John (Ph.D), “Children's Attachment Security and Maternal Adaptation among Families of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Urban India”
    Faculty advisor, Dr. Amanda Morris, Human Development and Family Science

    Meagan Parrish (Masters) “Study of Oklahoma Firefighters’ Work and Family Lives”
    Faculty advisor, Dr. Karina Schreffler, Human Development and Family Science

    Elena Leybenko (Ph.D.) “ESOL students’ perceptions of their own accents 
    and pronunciation learning goals”
    Faculty advisor, Dr. Ravey Sheorey, English

    Andrea Payne (Masters) “Improving Pecan Scab Advisories in Pecan Orchards to Improve Production Sustainability and Reduce Pesticide Use”
    Faculty advisor, Dr. Damon Smith, Turfgrass and Horticulture Crops Pathology

    Special thanks to our 2011 sponsors: Vice President of Student Affairs, OSU Graduate College, Office of the Provost, College of Education, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

  • 2010

    2010 Research Award Winners

     Corey Adams - “Improving Swallow Function in Progressive Dysphagia Associated with Huntington’s Disease”
    Advisor, Cheryl L. Giddens

    Virginia Cannon - “Coming Out: Cultural Negotiations of My Disabled Life, With a Critical Introduction”
    Advisor, Elizabeth Grubgeld

    Rachel Carson - “Influence of Detention Basin Releases on Downstream Channel Erosion and Bank Stability”
    Advisor, Garey A. Fox

    Robin Carstensen - “Rivers Murmuring Sea and Every Winged Thing”
    Advisor, Lisa Lewis

    Ngan Nguyen - “Dietary Manipulation of Cuticular Hydrocarbons in Termites”
    Advisor, Jack W. Dillwith

    Lisa Overall - “Incidence of Xylella Fastidiosa in Oklahoma”
    Advisor, Eric J. Rebek

    Jessica Parker - “Mate Poaching: Who is Most Likely to Poach and Why?”
    Advisor, Melissa Burkley

    Nani Pybus - “Whirlwind Woman: Native American Tornado Mythology and Global Parallels”
    Advisor, L. G. Moses


     Thank you to our 2010 sponsors: Division of Student Affairs, College of Human Environmental Sciences, OSU Graduate College, Office of the Provost, College of Education, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

  • 2009

    2009 Research Award Winners

    Michol Miller (undergraduate in Spanish) - Narrative strategies: Mapuche myths and legends

    Seongwon Yun (graduate in English) – Functions of the use of Korean in an after-school kindergarden setting

    Mumbe Kithakye (graduate in Human Environmental Sciences) – Impact of the Kenyan socio-political conflict on child adjustment

    Stephanie Krull (undergraduate in Educational Psychology) – Life of leadership: an analysis of the life, moral foundations, and accomplishments of William Wilberforce

    Nicki Lynn Aubuchon-Endsley (graduate in Clinical Psychology) – Milwaukee Psychotherapy Expectations questionnaire : a replication and extension

    Linnea Van Eman (graduate in Education) – Academic adjustment of gifted fifth, sixth, and seventh grade children placed in accelerated math courses

    Kimberly Hayes (graduate in Zoology) - AFLP-based Assessment of small mammal populations from a metal contaminated Superfund site

    Geetika Dilawari (graduate in Biosystems) – Estimating quality of canola seed using a flatbed scanner

    Lindsey Campbell (undergraduate in Chemical Engineering) – Characterizing a Novel Drug Delivery System for the Eye

    Special thanks to the Graduate College, College of Human Environmental Resources, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, College of Education, and College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources for their generous financial support.

  • 2008

    WFC Winners in 2008.

    Pictured from left to right are Seema Haridas, Erica Brown, Effie Craven, and Sayanti Ganguly, winners of the 2008 Awards for Research by Women Students.

    The OSU Women’s Faculty Council held a reception to congratulate the winners on Wed., April 9th at 3:30-5:00 in the Browsing Room, Edmon Low Library, 2nd Floor.

    The winners are as follows: Sayanti Ganguly, English, Seema Haridas, Microbiology, Effie Craven, Physical Education, Erika Brown, Psychology, Qiang Guo, Statistics. Each winner gave a brief presentation describing her winning research project, followed by refreshments. 

  • 2007

    2007 Research Award Winners

    Undergraduate in the Sciences or Engineering: Renee Hale
    Dr. Heather Fahlenkamp, Advisor
    Project Title: Optimizing a Three-Dimensional Tissue Model for the Production of Dendritic Cells

    Undergraduate in the Humanities or Social Sciences: Amanda Williams
    Dr. Michael J. Merten, Advisor
    Project Title: Analysis of Web Journal Content Posted by Adolescents Attending Public and Catholic Schools: Implications for Future Research and Intervention

    Graduate in the Sciences or Engineering: Anna Childers
    Dr. Arthur Stoecker, Advisor
    Project Title: Decision Support System- A Planning Model for Rural Water Systems: How to Optimally Meet Future Drinking Water Demands in Northeastern Oklahoma

    Graduate in the Humanities or Social Sciences: Emma Deputy
    Dr. Michael Bracy, Advisor
    Project Title: Rationalizing the Impact of Maghrebi Women

  • 2006

    2006 Research Award Winners

    Undergraduate: Heather Breem
    Dr. Charlene Youch, Faculty Advisor
    Project Title: Template Selection for Silverware Identification

    Graduate of Sciences: Melinda Redick-Harris
    Dr. Larry Talent, Faculty Advisor
    Project Title: Effects of In-Ovo Exposure to Sodium Perchlorate on Hatchling, Juvenile, and Adult Sceloporine Lizards

    Graduate of Social Sciences: Susan Borja
    Dr. Jennifer Callahan, Faculty Advisor
    Project Title: Positive and Negative Adjustment and Social Support of Sexual Assault Survivors


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