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Research Awards

About the Award

Since the early 2000s, the WFC has sponsored an annual award acknowledge, celebrate, and reward OSU undergraduate and graduate students for their research and creative projects. With generous support from OSU’s colleges and administrative offices, we have been able to offer a number of awards each year. Topics vary widely, and have included literary projects in the humanities, design projects in engineering, and studies of Oklahoma’s environment and wildlife.


  • Current OSU undergraduate and graduate students in all fields are eligible, including 2022 graduates.
  • The majority of the work by the student must have been conducted at OSU.
  • Complete projects and works in progress will be considered.
  • Applicant must be the sole or primary executor of the work described in the application.
  • Applications detailing theses, dissertations, course projects, and creative works are acceptable.
  • Previous awardees are ineligible.

Deadline for Applications

March 7, 2022
Winners will be notified by early April.

How to Apply:

Student applications should contain the following information. Applications can be submitted through our online application form.

  • Basic information about the applicant (name, email address, department, name of research advisor, etc.)
  • Details about the research or creative project, written for a non-specialist audience with minimal jargon. Each answer should be 300 words or less.
    • Project title
    • Brief description of your research topic, project goal, and/or creative or performance activity, including the significance of your work on your field of study.
    • Description of your role in the project. If your project is part of a larger, multi-contributor project, describe your individual contribution. Please be as detailed as possible.
    • For research projects, describe the methodology or strategy used to address your research/project goal, and explain why it was chosen. For creative/performance projects, describe the process of selecting and developing your activity.
    • For research projects, give a brief summary of your results and how they addressed your research/project goals. For creative/performance projects, provide details about the activity and the context in which it took place (e.g. type of event, audience or evaluator response, degree of competitiveness, etc.)
    • Briefly explain how you have conveyed your work to a broader audience, and why the strategy you chose was appropriate. Examples may include publications, presentations, or public performances.
  • One letter from a faculty advisor, received by the deadline, is required for the project to be complete. Instructions for submission are detailed below. This letter is extremely valuable in helping the review committee evaluate students’ application package.

Faculty Letters

Faculty letters of recommendation should be submitted through our online submission form.

Faculty letter should address the following:

  1. Student participation and the quality of research
  2. The impact of student contributions
  3. Whether the research was performed at OSU

Contact Sarah Milligan for more information


We'd like to thank our 2022 WFC Research Awards Sponsors

College of Arts & Sciences 
College of Education and Human Sciences
College of Engineering, Architecture, & Technology
Ferguson College of Agriculture
Graduate College
Institute for Technology and Learning Excellence
Office of Institutional Diversity
Office of the Provost / Academic Affairs

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Spears School of Business
Vice President for Research


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