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Oklahoma State University

Research Awards

About the Award

Since the early 2000s, the WFC has sponsored an annual award for research projects by OSU undergraduate and graduate students. With generous support from OSU’s colleges and administrative offices, we have been able to offer a number of awards each year. Topics have ranged from literary projects in the humanities to design projects in engineering, as well as studies of Oklahoma’s environment and wildlife.


  • Current OSU undergraduate and graduate students in all fields are eligible, including 2019 graduates.
  • Work must have been conducted at OSU.
  • Complete projects and works in progress will be considered.
  • Applicant must be the sole or primary author.
  • Summaries of research for theses, dissertations, course projects, and creative works are acceptable.
  • Previous awardees are ineligible.

How to Apply:

Apply through our online application form.

  • One letter from a faculty advisor, received by the deadline, is required for the project to be complete. This letter is extremely valuable in helping the review committee evaluate students’ application package
  • Other materials include:

- Title and brief description of your research problem or project goal

- Methodology used

- Summary of results

- Description of the impact on your field of study

- Publication or public release plans

Deadline for Applications

March 1, 2020
Winners will be notified by April 1 (a delay may occur due to our recent campus closure)

Note to Faculty

Please submit your letter of recommendation through our online submission form.

Your letter should address the following:

1.      Research performed at OSU
2.      Student participation and quality of research
3.      The impact of students contributions

Contact Sarah Milligan for more information