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Oklahoma State University

2020 WFC Students Research Award Winners

We'd like to thank our 2020 Award Sponsors

College of Arts & Sciences

College of Education, Health, and Aviation

College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology
College of Human Sciences
Graduate College
Institute for Technology and Learning Excellence
Office of Institutional Diversity

Office of the President

Office of the Provost / Academic Affairs

Spears School of Business
Vice President for Research

Research Award Winners

PhD Student Research Award Recipients

Samantha Addante (Psychology)

Advisor: Dr. Lucia Ciciolla

Yasaman Farsiani (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)

AdvisorDr. Brian Elbing

Jun Fu (Educational Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Sue Jacobs

Emily Geest (Integrated Biology)

Advisor: Dr. Kristen Baum 

Svetlana Koltovskaia (English)

AdvisorDr. Stephanie Link

Harley Layman (Clinical Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Misty Hawkins

Susanna Lopez (Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Thad Leffingwell

Megan Perez (Clinical Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Larry Mullins

Ashley Rankin (Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Jennifer Byrd-Craven

Erin Ratliff (Human Development & Family Science)

AdvisorDr. Amanda Morris

Caroline Roberts (Psychology)

AdvisorDr. John Chaney

Asma Tabassum (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)

AdvisorDr. He Bai

Emma Unruh-Dawes (Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Tony Wells

Jessica Watts (Teaching, Learning & Educational Sciences)

AdvisorDr. Erin Dyke 

Masters Student Research Award Recipeints

Teri Cocke (Integrative Biology)

AdvisorDr. Kristem Baum

Carley Cook (Chemical Engineering)

AdvisorDr. Ashlee Ford Versypt

Katelyn Miller (Agricultural Education, Communications, Leadership)

AdvisorDr. Angel Riggs

Andrea Salazar (Entomolgy & Plant Pathology)

AdvisorDr. Bruce Noden

KiriLi Stauch (Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Charles Abramson

Madison Stout (Clinical Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Misty Hawkins 

Undergraduate Student Research Award Recipeints

Garrett Dugan (Political Science)

AdvisorDr. Holley Hansen

Mallory King (Hospitality & Tourism Management)

AdvisorDr. Willie Tao

Claire Ringer (History)

AdvisorDr. Laura Arata