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Oklahoma State University

2019 WFC Students Research Award Winners

We'd like to thank our 2019 Award Sponsors

College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

College of Arts & Sciences

College of Education, Health, and Aviation

College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology
College of Human Sciences
Graduate College
Institute for Technology and Learning Excellence
Office of Institutional Diversity

Office of the President

Office of the Provost / Academic Affairs
Vice President for Research


Research Award Winners

PhD Student Research Award Recipeints

Machele Anderson (Human Development and Family Science)

Advisor: Dr. Ron Cox

Lauren Cline (Agricultural Education, Communications, and Leadership)

AdvisorDr. Penny Weeks

Sarah Elzay (Integrative Biology)

AdvisorDr. Kristen Baum

Hannah Espeleta (Clinical Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Larry Mullins

Ray Garza (Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Jennifer Byrd-Craven

Sarah Groover (Biomedical Sciences / Biochemistry & Microbiology)

AdvisorDr. Rashmi Kabul

Xiaowei Hu (Statistics)

AdvisorDr. Lan Zhu

Gretta Marie Sharp (Entomology and Plant Pathology)

AdvisorDr. Li Marie Ma

Cindy Tsotsoros (Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Douglas Hershey

Cole Wayant (Biomedical Sciences)

AdvisorDr. Matt Vassar

Erin Wood (Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Shelia Kennison



Masters Student Research Award Recipeints


Emily Duncan (History)

AdvisorDr. Laura Arata

Paulina Harron (Natural Resource Ecology and Management)

AdvisorDr. Omkar Joshi

Kiera Kauffman (Natural Resource Ecology and Management)

AdvisorDr. Dwayne Elmore

Ravneet Kaur (Natural Resource Ecology and Management)

AdvisorDr. Omkar Joshi

Charlotte Key (Integrative Biology)

AdvisorDr. Jennifer Shaw

Esosa Osagiede (Health, Counseling & Counseling Psychology, Public Health)

AdvisorDr. Randolph Hubach

Angela Riley (Integrative Biology)

AdvisorDr. Jennifer Grindstaff

Megan Roselli (Natural Resource Ecology and Management)

AdvisorDr. Scott Loss


Undergraduate Student Research Award Recipeints

Bridget Flynn (Political Science)

AdvisorDr. Holley Hansen

Courtney Mason (Psychology)

AdvisorDr. Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt

Victoria Pickens (Entomology and Plant Pathology)

AdvisorDr. Astri Wayadande

Morgan Strawn (English)

AdvisorDr. Elizabeth Grubgeld