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Oklahoma State University

2017 WFC Students Research Award Winners

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Research Award Winners



Emma Brett (PhD, Psychology) 
“Incorporating values into personalized feedback interventions for college student drinking: A novel approach”
Advisor: Thad Leffingwell

Jennifer Daer Shields (PhD, Psychology)
“Facilitating Engagement: An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Participant Attrition in the Treatment of Youth with Problematic Sexual Behavior”
Advisor: Lana Beasley

Emily Ellis (Masters, Geography)
“Ideal Methods for Identifying Urban Vegetation and Assessing Vegetation Change: A Study of Oklahoma City, 2006-2013”
Advisor: Adam Mathews

Leandra Figueroa-Hall (PhD, Pharmacology and Physiology)
“Characterization of LPS-induced TLR4 inflammatory signaling and the effects of fentanyl and morphine in a human microglial cell line, CHME-5”
Advisor: Randall Davis

Roha Mariam Kaipa (PhD, Psychology)
“The effect of hormonal changes and hemispheric differences in female word processing”
Advisor: Shelia Kennison

Keri Kytola (Masters, Psychology)
“Can Performance Predictions Improve Prospective Memory and Does Type of Prediction Matter?”
Advisor: Celinda Reese-Melancon

Eleanor Leavens (Masters, Psychology)
“Comparison of a Preferred versus Non-Preferred Waterpipe Tobacco Flavor: Subjective Experience, Smoking Behavior, and Toxicant Exposure”
Advisor: Thad Leffingwell

Pushpinder Litt (PhD, Animal Science)
“Novel Bacteriophages and Associated Enzymes for Reduction of Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli and their Biofilms”
Advisor: Divya Jaroni

Alexandria Mullins (PhD, Psychology)
“Illness Uncertainty and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in parents of Children with Disorders/Differences of Sex Development”
Advisor: Larry Mullins

Tracey Payton Miller (PhD, Entomology and Plant Pathology)
“Evaluation of the Aphidius colemani-Rhopalosiphum padi banker plant system in Oklahoma Greenhouse Production”
Advisor: Eric Rebek

Minu Pilvankar (PhD, Chemical Engineering)
“Mathematical Model for Glucose Dependence of the Local Renin-Angiotensin System in Kidney cells in Diabetic Kidney Disease”
Advisor: Ashlee Ford Versypt

Hannah Robinson (Masters, Nutritional Science)
“Low-Income Older Adults’ Use of Food Pantries as a Way to Cope with Food Insecurity”
Advisor: Janice Hermann

Cassandra Rodenbaugh (PhD, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences)
“Sonoclot® Evaluation of Fresh vs. Citrated Whole Blood Coagulation in Chickens”
Advisor: Joao Brandao

Caitlin Smith (PhD, Psychology)
“Grit’s Effect on Weight Loss through Increased Treatment Adherence: A Pilot Study”
Advisor: Misty Hawkins




Caitlyn Gilbert (Senior, Communications Sciences and Disorders)
“Use of Interpreters by Monolingual and Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists in the U.S. - Findings from a Survey”
Advisor: Sabiha Parveen

Chelsey Johnson (Senior, Political Science)
“Do Women Peacekeepers Keep Peace? An Analysis of United Nations Peacekeeping Missions and the Duration of Peace after Civil Conflict”
Advisor: Holley Hansen

Jacquelyn Lane (Senior, Chemical Engineering)
“Mathematical Modeling of Cannabinoid Pharmacokinetics and Predictive Functions”
Advisor: Ashlee Ford Versypt

Melissa Lies (Senor, Design, Housing and Merchandising)
“Place Attachment and Design Features in a Rural Senior Cohousing Community”
Advisor: Mihyun Kang