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Oklahoma State University

2016 Research Award Winners


Graduate Students


Kate Klavon (Masters, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)
“Advances in Predicting and Modeling Cohesive Sediment Erosion for Applications in Streambank Restoration”
Advisor: Garey Fox

Morganne Kraines (PhD, Psychology)
“Gender Differences in Attention to Disgust Facial Stimuli”
Advisor: Tony Wells

Lynne Beaty (PhD, Integrative Biology)
“Predation risk reduces behavioral variation of tadpoles”
Advisor: Barney Luttbeg

Mimi Xie (PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering)
“Energy-Harvesting Powered Non-Volatile Embedded Systems for Future Generation Internet of Things”
Advisor: Jingtong Hu

Feibo Shao (PhD, Management)
“How Ideologies Influence the Legitimacy of State Involvement in Corporate Governance”
Advisor: Scott Johnson

Srijana Karki (Masters, Sociology)
“Social Capital and Women Returning to School: A Study among Women Attending Secondary School in Kathmandu, Nepal”
Advisor: Tamara Mix

Hua Lin (PhD, Human Development and Family Science)
“Exploring the Associations of Momentary Parenting Goals with Micro and Macro Levels of Parenting: Emotions, Attributions, Actions, and Styles”
Advisor: Robert Larzelere

Amanda Cothern (PhD, Human Development and Family Science)
“Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities”
Advisor: Jennifer Jones

Farzana Rouf (PhD, Physiological Sciences)
“Hyperglycemia and Oxidative Stress: The Two Major Modulators of Placental Growth Factor in the Heart”
Advisor: Pamela Lloyd


Stephanie Tarle (PhD, Psychology)
“Working Memory and Behavioral Inhibition in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Re-examination of Competing Core Processes”
Advisor: Matt Alderson

Leigha Lynch (PhD, Biomedical Sciences)
“How Equivalent Are Morphological and Molecular Species and Subspecies? Testing a 12000-Year Record of Fossil and Recent Martes”
Advisor: Anne Weil




Rachel Davis (Junior, Chemical Engineering)
“Investigation of the Interaction Between a Novel Drug Delivery System and an Epithelial Cell Layer”
Advisor: Heather Fahlenkamp

Kristina Baker (Junior, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)
“Studying Algae Bloom Effects on Microbial Community Changes in Grand Lake”
Advisor: Noha Youssef

Michele Higgins (Senior, Chemical Engineering)
“Mathematical Modeling of Podocyte Cells in a Diabetic Kidney Disease”
Advisor: Ashlee Ford Versypt

Emily Allen (Sophomore, History)
“London's Coinage Crimes: a Parish Analysis of the Families that Lived in Them”
Advisor: Emily Graham

Isabel Mulino (Senior, Political Science)
“Does Microcredit Actually Reduce National Poverty Rates?”
Advisor: Holley Hansen