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Oklahoma State University

2015 Research Award Winners

Erica Crockett (Junior, Nutritional Sciences)
“The Effects of Tart Cherry on the Gut Mucosal Immune System in Context of Ovarian Hormone Deficiency”
Advisor: Brenda Smith

Julena Bonner (Ph.D., Management)
“Unethical Behavior and Exemplification Behaviors: an Examination of the Personal Consequences of Engagement in Unethical Behavior”
Advisor: Rebecca Greenbaum

Serena Engle (Senior, Art)
“Investigating Ehlers Danlos Syndrome”
Advisor: Liz Roth

Janna Colaizzi (Ph.D, Psychology)
“Early Development of Empathy and Prosocial Behaviors”
Advisor: David Thomas

Shreyashi Chakdar (Ph.D., Physics)
“New Physics at the TeV Scale”
Advisor: Satya Nandi

Kathryn Smith (Ph.D., Veterinary Biomedical Sciences)
“Advancements in the Medical Treatment of Fungal Keratitis in Horses”
Advisor: Margi Gilmour

Shannon Norris (Masters, Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership)
“Servant Leadership: Perceptions of First-Semester College Students at Oklahoma State University”
Advisor: Shelly Sitton

Danielle Perryman (Masters, Integrative Biology)
“Effects of Supplemental Feeding of Eastern Bluebirds, Sialia Sialis”
Advisor: Jennifer Grindstaff

Manushree Bharadwaj (Ph.D., Physiological Sciences)
“Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Pyridostigmine in Congestive Heart Failure”
Advisor: Lara Maxwell

Alexandra Taylor (Masters, Animal Science)
“Evaluation of Beef Cattle Well-Being for Climate Adaptability and Habituation to Drought”
Advisor: Michelle Calvo-Lorenzo

Jennifer Graef (Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences)
“Phenolic Compounds in Dried Plum Improve Bone Health by Altering the Immune Response in the Intestinal Mucosa”
Advisor: Brenda Smith