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Oklahoma State University

2013 Research Award Winners

Sallie Ruskoski
“Influence of extracellular polysaccharide on biofilm formation in Burkholderia multivorans variant strains”
Advisor: Franklin Champlin
Dept.: OSU Center for Health Sciences, Biochemistry and Microbiology Dept.

Rachel Eguren
“Community structure, population demographics, and biomarkers in Chiroptera from Tar Creek Superfund Site, Oklahoma, USA”
Advisor: Karen McBee
Dept.: Zoology

Sara Lineen
“Effects of Mannan oligosaccharide on beef cow performance and passive immunity transfer to calves”
Advisor: David Lalman
Dept.: Animal Science

Ashleigh Coser
“An examination of American Indian parenting competency and child behavior”
Advisor: Maureen Sullivan
Dept.: Psychology

Crystal Labrosse (Diversity Award)
“Women without men: heaven or hell”
Advisor: Louise Siddons
Dept.: Art, Graphic Design, and Art History

Wilhelmina Wise
“Potential theory and geometry of the farthest distance function”
Advisor: Igor Pritsker
Dept.: Mathematics

Lindsay Murn
“Increasing self-compassion and positive body esteem: an expressive writing intervention”
Advisor: Steve Harrist
Dept.: School of Applied Health and Educational Psychology

Elizabeth Rendina
“The role of Toll-like Receptor 4 in the dysregulation of bone metabolism during the initiation and progression of Type 2 Diabetes”
Advisor: Brenda Smith
Dept.: Nutritional Sciences

Venkata Swapna Kolli
“Structure and function analysis of H7, a Vaccinia viral protein”
Advisor: Junpeng Deng
Dept.: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Belinda Castanon
“Follicle-stimulating hormone regulation of estradiol production: possible involvement of WNT2 and β-Catenin in bovine granulosa cells”
Advisor: Jennifer Hernandez Gifford
Dept.: Animal Science

Katelyn Parsons
“Analyzing Twitter use during the 2012 Farm Bill debate”
Advisor: Dwayne Cartmell
Dept.: Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

Chelsea Medlock
“Remembering the forgotten legions: the veteranization of British war horses, 1850-1950”
Advisor: Joseph Byrnes
Dept.: History

Jessica Glover
“Nothing sacred: the Oneida collection”
Advisor: Lisa Lewis
Dept.: English

Milecia Matthews
“The feasibility of an elliptical-shaped wind turbine”
Advisor: Jamey Jacob
Dept.: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering