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Oklahoma State University

2012 Research Award Winners

Kaitlin Thomas
"Stochastic Annuities and Their Applications"
Advisor, Abe Ahmad
Department: Statistics

Amy Anderson
"Distant Goals Among College Students"
Advisor, Shelia Kennison
Department: Psychology

Chelsey Crawford
"The Permeable Self: Quotation and Moving Image"
Advisor, Linda Austin
Department: English

McKale Davis
"Enhanced Expression of Lipogenic Genes May Contribute to Hyperglycemia and Alterations in Plasma Lipids in Response to Dietary Iron Deficiency"
Advisor, Stephen Clarke
Department: Nutritional Sciences

Luella D'Amico
"Fallen Angels, or the 'Other' Republican Mothers: Adolescent Pregnancy in American Literature, 1789-1819"
Advisor, Brian Whiteacre
Department: Agricultural Economics

Ashley Jackson
"How Specialized is 'Too' Specialized?: Outmigration and Industry Diversification in Nonmetropolitan Counties Across America"
Advisor, Brian Whiteacre
Department: Agricultural Economics

Lauren Oseland
"Parenting Styles and the Self Development of Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities"
Advisor, Jennifer L. Jones
Department: Human Development and Family Science

Megan Prouty
"Bloodmeal Identification of Mosquitoes in Oklahoma"
Advisor, Michael R. Reiskind
Department: Entymology and Plant Pathology

Martha Zapata Roblyer
"A Meta-Analysis of the Association Between Acculturation and Substance Use Among Hispanic American Youth"
Advisor, Ronald B. Cox
Department: Human Development and Family Science

Mary Sanders
"A Mighty Fortress is our Battle Hymn of the Republic?: Corresponding Narratives in the National Prayer Service on September 14, 2001"
Advisor, Richard C. Rohrs
Department: History

Bhavna Sharma
"Physical Properties of Switchgrass as Related to Before and After Frost Harvesting; Scenario Optimization Model for Designing Biomass Supply Logistics Model"
Advisor, Carol L. Jones
Department: Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

Clairissa Craige
"Effects of Diet on IGF-1, Insulin, and Glucose Levels in Growing Horses"
Advisor, Steven Cooper
Department: Animal Science