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Oklahoma State University

2010 Research Award Winners

 Corey Adams - “Improving Swallow Function in Progressive Dysphagia Associated with Huntington’s Disease”
Advisor, Cheryl L. Giddens

Virginia Cannon - “Coming Out: Cultural Negotiations of My Disabled Life, With a Critical Introduction”
Advisor, Elizabeth Grubgeld

Rachel Carson - “Influence of Detention Basin Releases on Downstream Channel Erosion and Bank Stability”
Advisor, Garey A. Fox

Robin Carstensen - “Rivers Murmuring Sea and Every Winged Thing”
Advisor, Lisa Lewis

Ngan Nguyen - “Dietary Manipulation of Cuticular Hydrocarbons in Termites”
Advisor, Jack W. Dillwith

Lisa Overall - “Incidence of Xylella Fastidiosa in Oklahoma”
Advisor, Eric J. Rebek

Jessica Parker - “Mate Poaching: Who is Most Likely to Poach and Why?”
Advisor, Melissa Burkley

Nani Pybus - “Whirlwind Woman: Native American Tornado Mythology and Global Parallels”
Advisor, L. G. Moses


 Thank you to our 2010 sponsors: Division of Student Affairs, College of Human Environmental Sciences, OSU Graduate College, Office of the Provost, College of Education, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources