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Women's Faculty Council (WFC) Report 2018-2019

Women’s Faculty Council (WFC) Report 2018-2019

Prepared by: Dr. Stephanie Link and Dr. Dolores Vazquez Sanroman


Executive Officers:

  • Past Chair – Sarah Milligan
  • Chair Elect – Dr. Steph Link
  • Vice-Chair - Dr. Kim Loeffert
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Dr. Dolores Vazquez Sanroman
  • Faculty Council Liaison – Dr. Tracy Quan

 The WFC was very active for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Membership Meetings: 

We held 8 WFC meetings. 6 of these meetings included additional programming from invited sources.

  • September 2018 – WFC meeting and reports. The OSU Women’s Faculty Council’s new Executive Committee.
  • October 2018 – WFC meeting and reports. Presentation provided by Dr. Sharon Bird, Professor and Head of Sociology Department. Equity in the workplace: Transforming academic institutions and navigating academic careers.
  • November 2018 – WFC meeting and reports. Presentation provided by Dr. Nedra Wilson, Associate professor Anatomy and Cell Biology, OSU-CHS campus. Women Mentoring Woman.
  • December 2018 – WFC meeting and reports. Presentation provided by Dr. Camelia Knapp. Professor and Head Boone Pickens School of Geology. Embracing changes at uncertain times: a personal adventure
  • January 2019 – WFC meeting and reports. Presentation provided by Dr. Carol Moder. Professor, Department of English. Language, Gender, and Academia.
  • February 2017 – Research Week WFC/ ITLE/CAS sponsored talk. Dr. Rebecca Sandefur who presented during Research Week on The Quiet Crisis of Access to Justice.
  • March 2019 – WFC meeting and reports. Presentation provided by Dr. Laura Belmonte. Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Scineces and Professor, Department of History. Advancing equity at OSU.
  • April 2019 – WFC meeting and reports. Panel – Preparing Future Faculty Panel:

Facilitator: Kelly Harrison, Post-doc. Panelists: Dr. Ashley Ford Versypt, Assistant Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, CEAT. Dr. Pamela Lovern, Associate Professor, Physiological Sciences, CVHS. Dr. Li Miao, Full Professor, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, HS. Dr. Shida Hennebury, Regents Professor, Agricultural Economics, CASNR.

In addition, for the first time, WFC initiated the first annual Faculty Poster Symposium and continue with the Research Awards Ceremony.

Administrative Work:

  • Planning: The Executive Board met twice a month between September 2017 and May 2018 to work on programming, increasing membership participation, and organizing general logistics.
  • WFC Research Awards: Fall 2019 the executive officers focused a lot of time and effort soliciting funding for the annual WFC Research Awards, as well as sending out communication requesting application for the WFC Research Award and the Undergraduate Scholarship Award due March 2019.

We reached out to 20 different colleges and divisions on campus and received commitments of support from 11, totaling $16,250 commitments

We received confirmed actual cash transfer or fulfilled commitments for $16,250

There was a $900 carry-over in the WFC account from 2017-2018

Sponsors for the WFC Research Award included:

-College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

-College of Arts & Sciences

-College of Education, Health & Aviation

-College of Engineering, Architecture, & Technology

-College of Human Sciences

-Graduate College

-Institute for Technology and Learning Excellence

-Office of the President

-Vice President for Institutional Diversity

-Vice President and Provost for Academic Affairs

-Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer

There were 23 volunteer WFC Research Award application reviewers representing all the different colleges. Marianna Patrauchan volunteered to chair the awards committee and work was done between March 1 – March 31st to review and score the applications.

  • Undergraduate Scholarship: The Ann Ryder and Clara Smith WFC Leadership Endowed Scholarship for Undergraduates realized $750 from the endowment to be awarded for this scholarship. There were 3 volunteer reviewers to review the 4 persona application pool. Sarah Milligan chaired the review committee.


The WFC started the 2018-2019 academic year with $900 in our budget. After solicitation for WFC annual research awards donations, we were pledged $16,562 for research awards and $1076.00 in WFC general expending account. We awarded $16,250 to WFC research award recipients.

We were able to request funds from the Office of the VPR to pay for catering for the 2019 awards reception (cost of $400). We also opened an OSU Foundation account specifically for WFC Research Awards donations through the Office of Institutional Diversity - this account is separate from the Undergraduate Scholarship account. We worked with the Office of Institutional Diversity for receiving monthly reports combined with the one from the OSU foundation.  

Special Programmatic Efforts:

  • Book Group: The WFC hosted a 4-part (January 2019-March 2019) book club. Facilitator Dr. Erica Townsend - Lived Experiences of Women in Academia by Black and Garvis. Including WFC officer participation, 10 participants signed up for the discussion group and on average, 6 regularly attended.
  • First Annual Faculty Poster Symposium: Faculty of all ranks shared their research during the inaugural WFC research symposium with a total of 14 poster presentations.
  • WFC annual awards reception: We awarded 23 research awards (11 Ph.D students, 8 Masters students, 4 Undergraduate students) out of 75 applicants. Research Awards totaled $16,250. Ann Ryder and Clara Smith Leadership Endowed Scholarship for Undergraduates awarded $750. Awardees and their advisors attended, as well as sponsors and WFC members at large.
  • President’s Fellows Fund: The WFC was awarded $4500 to support three faculty awards, starting Fall 2019. These awards will recognize outstanding achievements in research and creative works of women and those involved with women issues at three levels of career development: Rising Star Award for younger faculty, Outstanding Achievement for mid-career faculty, and Inspiring Excellence for established faculty.

Targeted Committees/Efforts:

Bylaws review committee: At the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year, the WFC created a committee to review the bylaws, which were last updated in January 2018. Dr. Vazquez was chosen to chair the committee and an open call was put out to solicit membership participation. The complete committee, consisting of Drs. Stephanie Link, Kim Loeffert, Sarah Milligan and Tracy Quan, reviewed the bylaws and made comments digitally prior to an in-person meeting in November 2018 where suggested changes were proposed. The committee clarified the functions and responsibilities of the Treasure and Secretary duties, as well as expanded the language for facilitating the inclusion of all OSU Woman Faculty. The proposed changes passed by unanimous vote in March 2019. The summary of changes included: Allow for the separation of the Secretary/Treasurer positions as necessary and for the composition of the WFC membership to be more inclusive (all woman OSU faculty can join and participate).

Officer Nominations:

WFC membership were invited in May to nominate 2019-2020 Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Chair candidates as well as volunteers for the WFC Faculty Council Liaison.

Elected WFC executive board for 2019-2020 academic year:

  • Past Chair:  Dr. Steph Link - English
  • Chair- Elect: Dr. Kim Loeffert - Music
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Tracy Quan - Geology
  • Secretary: Madison Chartier – OSU Library
  • Treasurer: Dr. Erin Dyke – Curriculum Studies

Appointed by Executive Committee:

WFC Faculty Council Liaison: Dr. Awilda Rodríguez Carrión - Architecture

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