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Oklahoma State University



Present:  Misty Smith, Merrall Price, Michele Seikel, Lynn Lewis, Barbara Miller, Kristen Birkholder, Hui-fen Chang, Robin Leech, Mary Larson, Jen Macken, Helen Clements, Paulette Hebert and Carol Mason


Merrall Price (Chair) called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.


Approval of August Board Meeting Minutes:  
•    Barbara made a move to approve, Kristen seconded, all in favor; minutes of August Board Meeting approved

•    WFC Officers for 2009-2010 introduced themselves; members introduced themselves
•    Carol Mason discussed Gender/Women’s Studies programming
•    Discussed student founded group “Oklahoman’s for Reproductive Justice”

WFC Webpage:
•    Under institutional diversity
•    GPSGA – interested in our website (as well as day care)
•    Need to get website up soon for research award information; try for second Tuesday in October
•    Need old pages – will put in new OSU template
•    Have on website: mission or purpose, minutes, research award information, endowment information

Planning for Next Year’s Research Week; Speaker or Speakers, and Co-Sponsorship:
•    Discussed budget for speaker
•    Speaker should: be a female or do research about females, research women’s issues, speak about her (or his) research
•    Try to cover something other than hard sciences
•    Ask regents professors to co-sponsor
•    Discussed possible speakers to bring in: Patricia Limerick, Lisa Jardine, Annette Gordon-Reed, Deborah Tannen, Jean Kilbourne, Carol Adams
•    Would like to find a good topic that will be of interest to students
•    Need to get date and time for speaker in to Steve McKeever by November

Day Care:
•    Dr. Kirksey mentioned a discount from Renaissance but they will need the number of faculty who are in need – get number from ADVANCE survey
•    Contract with local services
•    Kids Under Construction is closing – maybe OSU could use that building for day care
•    AAUP says institutions without day care should look for alternatives

•    Keep on radar
•    Discussed possibility of combining with other universities to lower rates

New Business:
•    None

•    Meetings for this semester will be scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month, September-November at 11:30 a.m. in Room 250 of the Student Union
•    Meeting adjourned at 12:35 p.m.