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Oklahoma State University


Wednesday, 28 September 2015 – 4:00pm
Peggy Helmerich Browsing Room at Edmond Low Library



  1. President Linda Watson welcomed women and introduced officers
  2. Reports of Committees
    1. Kim Loeffert, WFC Treasurer/Secretary, reported that the WFC has received $5250 for the research awards from 5 sources and that we are still hoping to hear from 11 others.
    2. Cinthya Ippoliti, WFC Advisory Group to the Provost, noted that this group acts in an advisory capacity and also has the ability to bring items of concern to the Provost. More discussion on this in New Business.
    3. Barbara Miller, WFC Liaison to Faculty Council, reported that the Faculty Council meeting was primarily concerned with the budget. The current fiscal year sees a 3.5% budget cut, and the university is budget neutral. There is concern over fiscal year 2017, and perhaps the WFC should consider saving some of the generous donations received thus far for the research awards, as future years may prove leaner.
    4. Helen Clements, Ann Ryder & Clara Smith WFC Leadership Endowed Scholarship, provided an update on the state of the endowment from the OSU Foundation. Current cash balance is $244.00, and current endowment balance is $18,127.29. Last year’s scholarship recipient received $1000, which was the first year this was awarded. It was suggested that members of the WFC might undertake a letter-writing campaign to OSU women faculty (retired and/or current) asking for donations.
  3. Old Business
    1. Chris Ormsbee, reported that the book club for Mama, PhD, books purchased by ITLE, will take place during the spring semester for four Fridays over lunch. ITLE will generously provide lunches. The proposed dates are Jan 22, Feb 5, Feb 19, and Mar 4. This will likely take place in the Student Union 040.
    2. Chris Ormsbee also reported that the OSU Women’s Leadership Program proposes a spring semester speaker series that will bring in leaders from around the state and OSU. The former mentoring program may be revived in the fall, though with limited space based on number of women willing/able to serve as mentors.
  4. New Business
    1. Cinthya Ippoliti, WFC Advisory Committee to the Provost, requested ideas for items to bring to the Provost.
      1. Barbara Miller suggested tuition for dependents as well as the sharing of sick leave.
      2. Linda Watson mentioned daycare (for students/graduate students/staff/faculty).
    2. Linda Watson reported that the WFC Research Week speaker is currently being confirmed. The Vice President of Research had previously given $2500 to support the speaker. This year the new VPR requested a proposal.
    3. Linda Watson suggested that internal speakers taken care of by ITLE supplement the speakers previously brought to WFC meetings.
        1. Linda Watson brought up the need for a new banner for publicity/visibility of WFC.
        2. Chris Ormsbee said that this can be designed and printed by ITLE and that the ITLE designer can also work on a logo.
        3. Linda Watson will put out a call for photos to be used in the banner.
      1. The WFC co-sponsored a Difficult Dialogue Series session last year on gender bias in student evaluations. This year we would like to find a topic that supports new faculty, and we will definitely want to co-sponsor again.
      2. Linda Watson mentioned a request for women full professors to get together in a networking event. The percentage of female faculty in the university varies by department but is approximately 28% overall.
      3. WFC would like to promote mentoring of junior women faculty for research (not just leadership). A program of this sort would match junior and senior women faculty. This had previously been accomplished via grant funding.
      4. Last year’s research awards were given out after research week. It was proposed that perhaps current winners could speak briefly about their projects during research week.
      5. The WFC website needs updating to include current information on research awards and to list information about the first winner of the endowed scholarship/
    4. Members are charged to invite friends and colleagues to future WFC meetings to grow our active membership.
  5. Linda Watson adjourned the meeting.