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Oklahoma State University


 Our group sat down in a corner booth at the Hideaway at 12:35. 

Attending the meeting were:
Sheree Martin, Journalism & Broadcasting
Helen Clements, Library
Jean Van Delinder, Chair, Sociology
Barbara Miller, Library
Karin Schestokat, Foreign Languages & Literatures
Michele Seikel, Library

Women in Research Colloquia
Jean Van Delinder announced that our first colloquium will be held on Oct. 4th in the Library’s Browsing Room. The speaker will be Prof. Dorsene Spigner-Littles of OU, and her topic is Black Women in Oklahoma. She will show her documentary film on the history of Oklahoma black women’s accomplishments and speak at 12:00. Michele will add this event to the OSU calendar, and ask Bonnie Cain, the Library’s publicity coordinator, to put it on the OSU Headlines, if possible. Our co-sponsor, the Library’s Special Collections Dept., will provide refreshments. 
The next colloquium topic will be the Oklahoma Women’s Almanac, with Drs. Bob Darcy and Jennifer Paustenbaugh, who compiled the Almanac, in November. Karin Schestokat will discuss her book in February or April 2006. Also, Jean mentioned that the library is planning to do an exhibit on OSU women in research next March, and she invited the WFC members to contribute materials from their own careers, such as published articles and books. 
Jean said that during the week of Oct. 4th, the O’Colley is focusing on women and women’s issues, and we should provide them with information on the Women’s Studies Program and the Women’s Faculty Council. Jean will send a memo that Michele can send out to the WFC mailing list asking for materials for the library exhibit. 
Barbara Miller added that we need to put together a publicity package for the colloquia, and Sheree offered to ask that one of the journalism classes take this on as a project. Jean will contact Suzanne Thompson, an OSU Foundation development officer, to tell her about the colloquium series, so that she can help us seek donors. 

Task Force Report on Recruitment and Retention of Women Faculty
Jean met with Cornell Thomas, the new Vice-President of Multicultural Affairs, and presented him with our Task Force Report and its accompanying packet of sample recruitment materials. She expects to get feedback from him soon, and he invited her to join the Diversity Curriculum Committee. 

2006 Research Awards
We’ll begin planning for the 2006 awards at the October meeting. 
Jean wants to focus on getting wider exposure for our student research awards, and the group talked about asking for donations for an endowment at each colloquium. 

Women’s Studies Program
There is an ongoing search for a full-time faculty member for the Program, and Jean is also hiring student workers. 

Barbara Miller is on the Faculty Council’s Faculty Committee, and she reported that they are examining the idea of stopping the tenure clock for faculty with family responsibilities. She also plans to bring up the concept of spousal hiring to them, in the guise of enhancing faculty recruitment.

Our next meeting will again be held at the Hideaway (northeast corner booth) on Thursday, Oct. 27th, at 1:00.