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Oklahoma State University


Present: Misty Smith-Library, Catherine Curtis-HRAD, Nicole Sump-Crethar-Library, Mary Larson-Library, Kristen Burkholder-Library, Karen Maguire-ECON, Helen Clements-Library

Mary Larson (Chair) called the meeting to order at 12:05 pm

Approval of May Minutes:

  • Misty moved to approve; Michele seconded; all approved

Women’s Resource Center:

  • Mary discussed the history of the Women’s Resource Center in regards to WFC involvement
  • WFC is taking over writing the proposal

Discussion of Women’s Representation on Faculty Council:

  • Discussion started over the summer
  • Only 1 female committee chair
  • Need to get more females involved

Updates on Childcare RFP:

  • Child Development Lab in HS is not a childcare center
  • Dr. Lee Bird wrote RFP
  • Interested parties include faculty, staff and students (particularly graduate and non-traditional)
  • Stillwater Medical Center decided they did not want to try to partner with OSU at this time
  • RFP was sent out in January of 2011
    • Received one proposal from Renaissance
    • Proposal included a discount for faculty, staff and students at any of the three Renaissance facilities in Stillwater
    • Renaissance will provide infant care if there is a large enough demand
    • Renaissance proposed trying it out for a year or two and then, depending on demand, might build a 4th facility close to campus

Report from Faculty Council:

  • Discussed childcare, the RFP and Renaissance
  • Discussed partner benefits
  • Discussed the LASSO Project
  • New Graduate College Dean – Cheryl Tucker
  • New Veterinary Medicine Dean – Jean Sander
  • Education, Engineering and Arts & Sciences have all reopened searches for Deans
  • ITLE is conducting an ongoing internal search

Other Business:

  • Research Awards
    • Michele updated the flyer
    • Nicole will update the online form
    • Michele suggested we start advertising now to try to get more applications
  • Papers from WFC
    • Michele has a box of approximately 20 years’ worth of WFC papers and suggested we give them to University Archives
    • Helen moved to approve giving WFC papers to University Archives; Nicole seconded; all approved


  • Nicole moved to adjourn; Karen seconded; adjourned at 12:45 pm