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Oklahoma State University



Present: Barbara Miller, Michele Seikel, Helen Clements, Jean Van Delinder, Melanie Page, Heather Moberly, Kristen Burkholder, Sheila Scott-Halsell, Karen McBee, Estella Atekwana, Tona Hetzler, Carol Mason, Arpita Basu, Robin Leech, Karen Neurohr 


Barbara Miller, Chair welcomed all returning and new members.


Treasurer’s Report:


Karen Neurohr reported a balance of $927.75 in the Women’s Faculty Council Fund.



Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame Awards


Jennifer Paustenbaugh, Chair of the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women, announced that nominations are open for the Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame Award, a project of the Commission, and encouraged faculty and students to nominate worthy women. Deadline for nominations and supporting documents is November 9, 2006. Criteria and a list of previous inductees are posted on the organization’s website. The induction ceremony will be held on March 22, 2007 in the House Chambers at the Oklahoma State Capitol. She also reported that an oral history project of previous inductees is underway.




Women’s Faculty Council Endowment


Barbara Miller and Melanie Page provided information about the Women’s Faculty Council Endowment, which was proposed in the spring of 2006. Barbara has been in touch with Suzy Thompson about the requirements. A minimum amount of $10,000.00 is needed to establish an endowment. Strict parameters are needed for the application.

Proposed parameters discussed at the meeting today include the following:

  • Undergraduate Scholarship for female student of OSU Stillwater Campus
  • Must have completed 60 hours of classes with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater
  • Must show evidence of leadership, community service, and research or dedication to chosen field of study
  • Must include two letters of nomination with application, one of which must be from a faculty who taught the student in class
  • Past recipients will not be eligible to reapply; those not selected will be encouraged to reapply the following year.




Melanie Page will contact Suzy Thompson for any other suggestions concerning the parameters. and will report back at the October meeting.




Discussion about a name for the endowment was held. Melanie is providing the seed money and proposed naming the endowment for her grandmothers Ann Rider and Clara Smith, along with the Women’s Faculty Council Endowment. Several members were in agreement with this proposal.




Ways to raise money for the endowment were suggested, including asking all women faculty to consider making a donation.Melanie proposed setting up a table at the Homecoming Walk-Around, much like other groups do, to solicit donations.





Women’s Faculty Council Research Awards


Three awards are given annually, one for undergraduate research and two for graduate research. Last year there were approximately 14 applicants and each recipient was awarded $300.00. The $900.00 is the money allotted to WFC each year, and traditionally it is all spent on the research awards.


Some felt that the amount awarded could be decreased, leaving some funds available for guest speakers, perhaps collaborating with the Women’s Studies Program. Others felt that the generous amount that is given provides extra incentive for applicants and increases the applicant pool.




Women’s Research Seminars


Carol Mason volunteered to chair a subcommittee to develop campus-wide Women’s Research Seminars. Barbara Miller, Michele Seikel, and Heather Moberly volunteered to serve on the subcommittee. Several suggestions were made for these seminars including

  • partnering with the Women’s Faculty Council
  • rotating which fields to highlight
  • inviting presenters
  • offering these once or twice a semester
  • having them from 11 am to 12 noon as informal, Brown Bag type luncheon events
  • determining locations where they could be held
  • offering seminars in November, which is the start of the Oklahoma Centennial; January; and March which is Women’s History Month






Carol Mason distributed a flyer for Women’s Studies Programs:

  • Oct. 12, Demetria Shabazz, Assistant Professor of English. Film showing and discussion, Just Another Girl on the IRT
  • Nov. 10, Loretta Ross, Author/Activist, Program on “Racism and Reproductive Justice” and booksigning of her book, Undivided Rights
  • Nov. 27, Shosh Shlam, director and filmmaker. Screening and discussion of her award-winning documentary, Be Fruitful and Multiply, examining how ultra-orthodox Jewish women in Israel and the U.S. negotiate ethnicity, religion, and compulsory motherhood.


Jean Van Delinder has been working on updating the web page for the Women’s Faculty Council.




Karen Neurohr reported that she re-built all of the Women’s Faculty Council e-mail lists this year. A statement giving recipients the right to opt out of future messages and instructions for doing so will be included in all e-mail meeting notifications and reminders. Future meetings will be submitted to the OSU Calendar and OSU Headlines. Members asked that e-mail notices and reminders continue to be sent to all eligible women faculty.




Barbara Miller mentioned that she had been approached by faculty in HES about WFC possibly supporting a grant studying reasons behind women lagging behind male faculty in salaries and advancement. She has asked the faculty member for additional information and will try to look into the possibility of our support. She will report at the next meeting.




Upcoming Meetings


Karen, Barbara, Michele, and Helen will review the by-laws for updates and bring recommendations to the next meeting. Gloria Birdine is scheduled to speak on diversity at the October 16 meeting, hopefully on such diversity issues as the tenure clock and other issues important to women faculty. Jennifer Paustenbaugh is tentatively scheduled to speak about the Commission on the Status of Women at the November 13 meeting. Barbara asked for everyone to think about possible speakers for other monthly meetings.