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Oklahoma State University



Members present: Frederique Knottnerus, chair; Barbara Miller, secretary; Jean VanDelinder, chair-elect; Meredith Hamilton, Helen Clements, Lara Maxwell, Brenda Smith, Janice Herman, Michele Seikel, Melanie Page, Amanda Harrist, Patricia Bell.

Frederique called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m. The August minutes and agenda were approved.

Task Force Report: Michele Seikel presented the 2004 task force report, with minor changes added concerning details on which campuses were included in which statistics. The group refined the language about the Women’s Studies Program changes. Michele agreed to make changes to indicate that the Program will have a permanent faculty member, which has been approved but who has not yet been hired, and that a minor in Women’s Studies has been approved. The members present voted to approve the task force report in principle with the changes indicated. Michele will send the revised report to Frederique, Jean VanDelinder and Pat Bell. Pat, our new liaison, will present the report to the University Faculty Council. After this it will be sent to the President’s office.

Women’s Studies Program. Frederique clarified that the new senior faculty member has been approved but not yet hired. Trish Long has been director for the last four years, and there are 5 core faculty members. These faculty will meet with Trish and Bruce Crauder to discuss the new position in Women’s Studies. There are three subcommittees in Women’s Studies: Faculty Review, Curriculum, and Student Involvement, and they are looking for volunteers to serve on the committees. The minor will require 18 hours, and the next faculty meeting is Thursday, Sept. 30 at 3:30 in the Classroom Building, room 021 in the basement.
Trish Long maintains a listserv on Women’s Studies, there is a quick link on the OSU web page to the group. Barbara will send out a review page on Women’s Studies to members present at this meeting.

Women’s Film Festival: The festival will be all on October 9 this year, with movies shown at 3 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The titles to be shown are A Boy Named Sue, 5 Girls, and A Blind Spot Murdered by Women. Barbara will send out a flyer on this. There will be another festival in the spring.

Budget: We only have $900 per year, mostly going to scholarships. There is a scholarship awarded for an undergraduate, a master’s candidate, and a PhD candidate. The awarded projects came from various colleges. We need to keep advertising the scholarships and hopefully a speakers program this year. Jean has a speaker lined up from New Jersey. The committee discussed ways to encourage the university to increase our income. It was suggested drawing Lee Bird in for ideas and to ask ways to increase the budget. Approaching the foundation for funds was also discussed. Barbara will contact both Lee Bird, and Suzie Thompson, the new endowment rep for Arts and Sciences, for contacts in the Foundation. Some people who are alums have already given for women-related scholarships. There is a Sociology scholarship given to a woman in the field each year. The group felt we should have as a goal this year to increase funding. The money needs to be requested well in advance of the August deadline for the new budget. Other ideas included help with women faculty retention, and “changing our image”. Mentoring was also mentioned, and Amanda is interested in being a mentor.
These ideas might interest Lee Bird and/or Marlene Strathe, who have initiated a series of brown bags on women in academia. They need topics for these programs, and Women’s Faculty Council may be able to help.

Michele mentioned that OU recently conducted a survey on the quality of life of faculty, and we might be able to borrow it to adapt to an OSU survey.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.