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Oklahoma State University



Present: Michele Seikel, Helen Clements, Merrall Price, Barbara Miller, Melanie Page, Nicole Sump-Crethar, Mary Larson, Misty Smith

Michele Seikel (Chair) called the meeting to order at 11:30 am

Approval of May Minutes:

  • Barbara made a move to approve, Nicole seconded, all in favor; minutes of May meeting approved

WFC Child Care Survey/RFP for Child Care Services:

  • Discussed whether child care survey should still be done considering Lee Bird’s RFP for child care services and decided not to do the survey at this time
  • Discussed Lee Bird’s RFP for child care services
  • Discussed requesting to appoint a member of WFC to be in on the planning for child care services at OSU
  • Discussed discrimination against pregnant faculty

Fundraising for Scholarship Fund:

  • Melanie discussed raising money for the Ann Ryder/Clara Smith Women’s Faculty Council Scholarship by using the Boone Pickens Match money
  • Discussed who might be interested in donating money to the fund

Letter to Mrs. Hargis About On-Campus Child Care:

  • Discussed the letter that Michele wrote to send to Mrs. Hargis and Dr. Sternberg
  • Decided to send two separate letters, but are going to hold off on sending the letters for now

2010 Research Awards Planning:

  • Michele is sending out solicitation letters to the Deans of the colleges for money for research awards

Meeting with Ryan Oss of Stillwater Medical Center:

  • Discussed partnering with Stillwater Medical Center for child care
  • Helen will contact Ryan Oss at Stillwater Medical Center


  • Next meeting, October 20th at 11:30 am
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:25 pm