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Oklahoma State University



Present: Misty Smith, Barbara Miller, Merrall Price, Nicole Crethar, Kate Blalack, Kay Bost, Janet Ahrberg, Tracy Boyer, Celinda Reese Melancon, Karen Neurohr, Michele Seikel, Jen Macken, Helen Clements, Kiem Dung Ta

Helen Clements (Chair) called the meeting to order at 11:05 a.m.


· Dr. Marlene Strathe, Provost and Senior Vice President


Discussion with Dr. Strathe: 

· Extension of tenure clock – in handbook now; explained how it works; must request the extension/ in effect for new faculty (new language in handbook); within 6 months of qualifying event

· Spousal or partner hires – will assist spouse or partner in finding a job; can’t guarantee they will get a job, but will assist and send possible job opportunities their way; no centralized pool for spousal or partner hires; case by case basis; not in handbook; just a simple statement in P&P letter right now

· Child care issue – most recent study was conducted in 2003 when consultants were brought in to analyze the situation, here are some points to consider:

  1.  Who is the center to serve? Most are for students; most students could not afford to pay; greatest need and most expensive for infants; 3 star – fully accredited; if university doesn’t subsidize…should it be opened to faculty and staff; prioritize with staff first
  2. Business plan needs to be completed
  3. How often and how long will the center be open?
  4. What will the hours be? Open weekends? Holiday? Summer?
  5. Open hours becomes a huge issue when it comes to staff
  6. If we are using state appropriated money then everyone should be able to use it, not just students, staff and faculty
  7. Issues with competing against other child care providers in the community
  8. Questions that need to be answered are: Who to serve (students, staff, faculty, community)? What ages (include infants?)? Length of time the center will be open? What calendar days will the center be open/closed? Open to the public? Facility (renovate or build)? Who will build it? Who will staff it?
  9. Cost 1-4 million to construct facility and ½ million a year to sustain
  10. Child development lab in HES is not a daycare facility and was never intended for that purpose
  11. Must also think about playgrounds, parking spaces, food, handicap accessibility

· Child care scholarships for students

· Interim solution – babysitter course that trains people to be babysitters

· Discussion ensued about the pros and cons

· Liability issue – 501c3 facility

· Kinder Care – contracts with universities

· Knowledge Learning Corporation – have a contract with OU (OU provides the building)

· Discussed Dr. Bird’s study

· OSU is the only university in the Big 12 without a child care facility

· Next step: get business plans from Kinder Care, etc.; talk to OU; figure out what kind of building would be needed


Research Awards: 

· Re-drafting solicitation letter – need to send out soon

· Deadline is 5:00 p.m. Friday, Nov. 21st 


Possible Speakers for November, Spring Meetings:

· Jen Macken, Carol Mason

· Need to start pursuing speakers for research week and find out about fees


Other Business:

· None


New Business: 

· None



Meeting adjourned. Next meeting is scheduled for November 19th at 11:00 a.m. in Room 250 (Council Room) at the Student Union.