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Oklahoma State University



Present:  Michele Seikel, Helen Clements, Barbara Miller, Mary Larson, Jen Macken, Nicole Sump-Crethar, Jody Campiche, Melanie Page

Meeting called to order by Michele Seikel at 11:35

Approval of September Minutes

  • Barbara moved to approve, Helen seconded

Research Awards

  • Donations from Colleges/Whitehurst
  • Flyer & Application Form
    • Deadline will be 1/8/11
    • Discussed details of the form and the flyer
    • Ready to go up online
    • Already received money from the Offices of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, Grad College
    • Mary will create a Facebook page for WFC and post research awards announcement
  • Application Deadline

Speakers for Research Week

  • Possible speakers: Harriet A. Washington, Patricia Limerick
  • February 21-25 is Research Week

Child Care on Campus

  • Discussed Meeting with Dr. Sternberg (wife of the Provost)
  • November meeting scheduled with the Provost
  • New locations available for students to breast pump
  • Support for non-traditional student priority enrollment
  • Faculty Council Report
    • RPT policies differ by college
    • Family Leave Policy and partner benefits discussed at Faculty Council
    • Budget is very tight this year
    • Diversity has improved but retention is poor; Office of Institutional Diversity is investigating

Fundraising Event for Scholarship

  • Lunch meeting with Patricia Knaub, former HES Dean
  • Fundraising event suggested, maybe for November
  • University Club willing to partner with us


  • Next meeting, November 17th at 12:30 with Dr. Sternberg
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:40