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Oklahoma State University



Present: Misty Smith, Anne Matoy, Melanie Page, Barbara Miller, Helen Clements, Jen Macken, Michele Siekel, Mary Larson

Mary Larson (Chair) called the meeting to order at 12:03 pm

Approval of September Minutes:

  • Barbara moved to approve; Helen seconded; all approved


Childcare RFP:

  • Anne Matoy gave an update
    • Received one response from Renaissance
      • Three in town already
      • A little over 125 OSU employees already use Renaissance
      • Renaissance is in the process of reorganizing
      • OSU and Renaissance will start meeting again in November (after reorganization)
      • Complete program from infants up
      • Renaissance on Jardot is not on bus route, but the other two locations are on bus route
      • Discussed star rating for accreditation, payment schedule based on star rating (DHS)
      • In agreement with Renaissance, OSU will be given priority
      • Also working on a discount for OSU employees
      • Reduced cost might be on a sliding scale according to income
      • Renaissance has plans to expand and build another facility that might be built on University land
      • Plan on doing a test run for 1-2 years to see how it works out for everybody
      • Use as a recruitment tool
    • New facility is opening soon (around November) in Fountain Square on Western called Oak Tree
      • Oak Tree will have TV monitoring


Research Scholarships:

  • 1 application received so far
  • Flyers have been posted
  • Website has been updated
  • Melanie will fund $500 award given for creativity and innovation

Research Week Speaker:

  • Patricia Limmerick
  • Annette Gordon Reed

Report from Faculty Council:

  • Undergraduate research scholar

Other Business:

  • Meet with Pam Fry about WFC representation on executive council


  • Helen moved to adjourn; Barbara seconded; adjourned at 1:08 pm