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Oklahoma State University



Present: Barbara Miller, Michele Seikel, Carol Mason, Janet Ahrberg, Gloria Birdine, Karen Neurohr



Minutes from Sept. 18, 2006 were approved.



Treasurer- no change from previous month report





Deadline: Thursday, Oct. 19- Women in Higher Ed conference coming

The second annual Oklahoma Women in Higher Education conference will be held on Friday, Nov. 3, at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond.  Registration forms are available in the Provost’s office and the registration deadline is Thursday, Oct. 19. You can also print off a registration form by going to and clicking on the “registration” link.




Colloquium, sponsored by Women’s Faculty Council

Nov. 15, 12 noon. Brown Bag in the Edmon Low Library Browsing Room

Jennifer Paustenbaugh and Bob Darcy will speak about the Oklahoma

Women’s Almanac and sign copies of their book.



Sponsored by Women’s Studies and Women’s Programs

Nov. 10, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, Edmon Low Library Browsing Room

Loretta Ross, author/activist. Ms. Ross will speak about Racism and

Reproductive Justice and sign copies of her book, Undivided Rights

Nov. 27, 5 – 7 pm. Morrill Hall 305

Filmmaker Shosh Shlam will screen and discuss her award–winning

documentary, Be Fruitful and Multiply, examining how ultra-orthodox

Jewish women in Israel and the U.S. negotiate ethnicity, religion, and

compulsory motherhood.




Sponsored by Women in Leadership at OSU


Nov. 30, 3:30 – 6:00 pm. Dr. Joe Anna Hibler, President of SWOSU, will present, “Status of Women in Oklahoma Today.”




Guest Speaker: Gloria Birdine


Barbara Miller introduced Gloria Birdine. Gloria spoke about the mission and activities of the Office of Institutional Diversity and encouraged everyone to look at the website:


Gloria and Carol Mason handed out flyers promoting upcoming programs sponsored by Women’s Studies and Women’s Programs. Gloria offered to speak and show a DVD titled, Women of Color Roundtable 2006 by Diversity, Inc., at a future Women’s Faculty Council Colloquium.


Barbara reported that the following issues are concerns of the Women’s Faculty Council and could make a difference in recruitment of faculty.


    • Day Care for Workers and Students


    • Adjustment in the Tenure Clock for Pregnancy and Childbirth


    • Targeted Spousal Hires



Reports of Committees:



Bylaws Revision


Barbara Miller, Helen Clements, Michele Seikel, and Karen Neurohr have met and discussed the bylaws for the Women’s Faculty Council. A copy will be sent to all WFC members. Suggestions for additional changes should be made by Nov. 6. Revisions will be voted upon at the next monthly meeting, Nov. 13.





Barbara reported that the committee, consisting of herself, Carol Mason, Michele Seikel and Heather Moberly, have identified two colloquium speakers. The first, November 15, will be Drs. Jennifer Paustenbaugh and Bob Darcy speaking on their book the Oklahoma Women’s Almanac, and the second, in January, will be Dr. Elizabeth Grubgeld, speaking on her book, Irish Autobiography. The third speaker will be Gloria Birdine, later in the spring.This is the first year we have identified a full season of colloquium speakers. This series combined with the Women’s Studies series and several other events as outlined above, will be advertised on our website as well as via the Women’s Faculty Council list.


Carol Mason offered to set up a template for creating a flyer for the Colloquiums. Michele Seikel will get more information from Dr. Paustenbaugh for the flyer, and Barbara will send information about the November Colloquium to Carol to create the flyer.





Barbara Miller reported for Melanie Paige. She has consulted Suzy Thompson, who advised that a theme, criteria, and name should be determined for the endowment. Information about the endowment needs to be written and submitted to Suzy, who can put the information on the Foundation webpage. Those contributing in someone’s name can add information about the person they are honoring with the donation. The endowment will be promoted on the Women’s Faculty Council webpage, too.


It was agreed to ask Suzy about the timeframe for the endowment. How long do we have to raise $10,000, and what happens if we fall short? We also need to create a flyer for the endowment, to have to distribute at various WFC events, such as the colloquiums.



Meeting was adjourned.