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Oklahoma State University



The meeting was called to order at 12:35 p.m. by Jean Van Delinder, acting Chair. 
Attending were: 
Jean Van Delinder, Sociology
Susanne Weinberger, Sociology
Mary O’Donnell, Library
Janet Ahrberg, Library
Trish Long, Psychology
Jennifer Paustenbaugh, Library
Lesley Rimmel, History
Helen Clements, Library
Michele Seikel, Library

Minutes of the May 8th meeting were approved as amended.

Michele Seikel reported that the Task Force on the Status of Women Faculty at OSU was presented to the Faculty Council at the June meeting, with no response. Pres. Halligan acknowledged receipt of the report but had no comment.

Jean Van Delinder mentioned that the campus family leave policy is not being applied in a uniform manner in the various colleges. She has heard comments on a wide variety of experiences across the campus, and the tenure clock is still ticking for faculty who take time off for family emergencies or pregnancies. She plans to bring the issue up to the Faculty Council Benefits Subcommittee.

The group also discussed and tentatively approved the idea of setting up regular meetings with the new President, if possible, using the Task Force report to present specific, concrete goals, perhaps on an annual basis. Also, it was suggested that the task force study the retention of women faculty on campus and add figures to the report this year. At the next meeting, the group will discuss goals to present to the President next year.

Trish Long handed out a calendar of Women’s Studies activities and listing of courses available this year. Co-curricular activities include the ongoing Brown Bag lunch series, and several speakers who have conducted colloquia. In addition to the film festival, there will be a performance by a female folk singer, and Melissa Stockdale from OU will speak. Attendance has been good for all events. She handed out a spring 2003 film festival schedule, and invited members to join the panel discussions after each film.

Lesley Rimmel noted that an OSU Magazine article had misrepresented the titles of some films shown last fall in connection with 9/11, and there was concern that the Film Festival should be reported accurately on campus.

Women’s Studies is organizing the Worlds of Women reception on Thurs., Nov. 21st, from 11:30 – 2:00. The Women’s Faculty Council will staff a table, with meeting schedules, copies of the Task Force report, our mission, and the Women’s Film Festival schedule. Jean will send out a reminder about the reception.

The Women’s Archive Fund in the Library is currently buying books on women’s issues, and Helen Clement invited the council members to make suggestions for book purchases, or make gifts to the Library.

Next meeting will be on Dec. 6th, at 12:30. 

Dec. 6th Agenda

I.    Introductions
II.    Approval of Nov. 8th minutes
III.    Study of  retention for Task Force on the Status of Women Faculty report
IV.    Discussion of concrete goals to present to new President
V.    Report on Women’s Studies Program
VI.    Women’s Film Festival
VII.    Other items from members
VIII.    Meeting adjourned.