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Oklahoma State University



Present: Misty Smith, Michele Seikel, Barbara Miller, Janet Ahrberg, Helen Clements, Merrall Price

Helen Clements (Chair) called the meeting to order at 11:05 a.m.

Report on Faculty Council:


  • Discussed research awards
  • Discussed daycare center
  • Jean Van Delinder said she would find out about getting a committee put together
  • OSU-OKC has infant childcare
  • Dr. Bird suggested creating a business plan


Report on Prospects for Campus Day Care:


  • Discussed OU child care center

o Building is provided by OU

o Kinder Care takes care of everything else, including paying salaries

o OU students, staff and faculty get priority enrollment and a discount

o Kinder Care rents the building from OU on a sliding scale; the more children enrolled by OU students, staff and faculty, the less the rent is and vice versa, the less children enrolled by OU students, staff and faculty , the more the rent is

o They allow children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old

o They are open M-F, 7 am to 6 pm

o They are open Fall, Summer and Spring breaks, but are closed on major holidays

Webinar Sponsored by Policies, Benefits and Budget Committee:


  • Policies, Benefits and Budget committee is holding a webinar about day care for sick children
  • Helen will attend


Discuss Joint Meeting with Staff Advisory Council:


  • Susan Marshall from Human Resources discussed day care issues in SAC
  • May want to invite her to the next WFC meeting as a speaker


Research Awards:


  • Research week is February 16th-20th
  • Do not have a speaker yet
  • Michele has tried to contact Annette Gordon-Reed with no luck and ended up giving her information to Dr. McKeever’s office so they could try to get a hold of her
  • Should we pursue more speakers?
  • Ask Darla Dobson if she has heard from Annette Gorden-Reed
  • Dr. McKeever has approved $2000 for a speaker for WFC for Research Week
  • Anita Hill is another possibility for a speaker
  • Michele reported that WFC has received only 1 application and 2 letters of support
  • It was decided to extend the deadline to Dec. 19th
  • Misty will send out an email about the change in deadline
  • It was suggested that we make sure we keep the name, department and advisor of the winners


Other Business:


  • None


New Business:


  • None




  • Meeting adjourned. December meeting is yet to be determined. January meeting is tentatively scheduled for the 20th.