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Oklahoma State University



Minutes of Women’s Faculty Council Meeting
November 16, 2011. Noon. 
Present: Mary Larson, Helen Clements, Barbara Miller, Michele Seikel, Melanie Page, Shelia Kennison, Kirsten Burkholder.

Minutes were approved (Melanie moved to approve).

Research awards: Michele reported that the time allowed to have flyers up on campus bulletin boards has been shortened to two weeks, so many people may not see the flyer. We need to remind faculty members. So far we have about $4000 in donations. Mary Larson will approach Human Sciences and the Graduate College, who gave before. The graduate Dean had indicated that they had already approved a donation. A discussion ensued about the award amount. The flyer indicates $500, but we may raise the amount depending upon how many awards we choose to give and how much money we raise. It was decided that this year again those on the awards committee will select their top 5 candidates from the pool, and then the group will meet to select winners. Nicole will set up a Dropbox folder so everyone can view the applications. The deadline for applications is January 6, 2012, and the group hopes to announce the awards by January 18th. The committee will meet earlier that day to decide the winners.

Speaker: Mary Larson reported that our speaker for research week will be Dr. Rebecca Sharpless from TCU, who had indicated she probably will drive up and back the same day. Mary may reserve a room at the Atherton hotel just in case. Dr. McKeever’s office will fund the speaker with a $2500 donation. Mary has some ideas on food for the reception, since Ms. Sharpless’ book is about cooks in the South. Anyone with publicity ideas should pass them on to Mary.

Receptions: Mary requested input on location for the reception for the research award winners. The speaker reception will be in the Browsing Room of the library, but Michele is looking into either the Willard or Murray parlors for the awards reception. It will be on Friday (Feb. 24th) of research week at 3:30.

Women’s Resource Center: Mary Larson and Jen Macken are drafting a letter to the Provost to start discussions on the Women’s Resource Center. They will tie the need for the center to retention and recruitment. It hopefully will be designed for students, staff and faculty, with a trained staff person on duty for help, and will offer assistance in times of harassment, violence, and/or sexual assault. Perhaps Institutional Diversity will be able to provide some resources.
Faculty Council: Barbara reported on the Dean of the Graduate College’s report, which included training for TA’s at the beginning of each semester, to introduce them to such things as course management, the library, etc. The undergraduate research awards are now approved by the Dean’s Council, the last hurdle. The Provost continues to press for an admission policy which includes a creativity factor.

Committee on women in leadership: Mary, Melanie and Shelia are meeting with Clint Krehbiel on the problem of lack of women in leadership roles on faculty committees.
Question of admitting female staff to Women’s Faculty Council was raised again and will be taken up in the future once we understand how that might impact other issues we are working toward.

Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.