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Helen Clements, Chair, called the meeting to order at 12:25.

Attending the meeting were:
Michele Seikel, Library
Frederique Knottnerus, Languages
Trish Long, Women’s Studies
Laura Belmonte, History
Mary O’Donnell, Library
Rebecca Herrick, Political Science
Helen Clements, Library
Barbara Bradley, Library
Melanie Page, Psychology
Heather Moberly, Library

Provost’s Talk. Helen introduced Provost Strathe. The Provost reflected on the history of women in higher education, the current status, and our future. She mentioned that land grant schools provided the first true equal access to higher education for women in this country, and that many fields previously dominated by men in the past, such as health sciences, engineering, and veterinary medicine, have been entered and successfully navigated by women during the latest generation. But she feels that women in higher education occupy a disproportionately large number of temporary, untenured teaching positions, and there are still too few women in finance, development, administrative, and dean’s positions. We don’t build good networks among ourselves, and we need to develop a comprehensive mentoring program, with a coordinated agenda. The Provost is planning to develop an administrative fellows program to help get campus people started exploring career options. Her goal is to develop programs or initiatives to remove barriers and encourage lifelong learning.

2004 Research Awards. On April 24th, the Women’s Faculty Council held a reception in the Edmon Low Library’s Browsing room for the three winners of our research awards. This year, our winners were Najwa Raouda (Ph.D), Andrea Turner (master’s), and Kristina Huff (undergraduate) . Each of the winners gave a brief talk about their projects. Kristina Huff’s paper was entitled, “Etiquette Books as an Example of Women’s Writing”. Linda Lovell is her advisor. Andrea Turner’s research was on “Self-Esteem and Body Image in Prepubescent Girls.” Her advisor is Melanie Page. And Najwa Raouda spoke on “Muslim Arab Women and Literacy in America.” Following their presentations, refreshments were served.

Strategic Plan. Helen Clements passed out copies of the latest draft of the Strategic Plan, which the Office of Multicultural Affairs has asked her to amend, with an end-of-the-week deadline. During discussion, doubt was expressed about whether the stated goals in the Plan are doable with the small number of current active members. It was suggested that more of the goals should perhaps be directed toward forwarding the Women’s Studies Program. Helen asked for any concrete suggestions for changes to forwarded to her overnight.

Next meeting. Our last meeting for this academic year will be held on Thursday, Apr. 29th, at 12:45, in Student Union room 302.


I. Introductions
II. Election of new officers
III. Strategic Plan
IV. Task Force Report
V. Mentoring Initiative
V. Meeting adjourned