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Oklahoma State University



Present: Barbara Miller, Michele Seikel, Karen Neurohr, Janet Ahrberg, Kristen Burkholder, Helen Clements, Gloria Birdine, Lynne Simpson-Scott, Kimberly Peabody


Minutes: Minutes from Dec. 11, 2006 were approved with one change in the Fall Colloquium Section. Instead of “and effective ways to publicize such programs,” change to “lack of effective ways to publicize such programs.”


Treasurer: No change from previous month report



Melanie sent a draft of the Endowment description and asked for input on the wording. Karen or Barbara will communicate the group’s recommendation to Melanie.




A vote to accept the proposed revisions to the Bylaws was passed. The revised Bylaws will be sent to Jean for inclusion to the WFC webpage.




Spring Colloquium

Barbara indicted that the spring colloquium is not finalized with Elizabeth Grubgeld. Discussion ensued on the how best to publicize the colloquiums since the flyers didn’t seem effective. The OSU calendar and headlines, The O’Colly and local newspaper are other venues for publicizing. Sandwich boards are effective, but they cost money.




Research Awards

Michele is drafting the flyer for the WFC Research Awards and will add a line indicating appreciation to the Graduate College for their contribution to the award monies for this year. There will be a total of $1,000.00 for four recipients (two graduate students and two undergraduate students) of the Research Awards. There are two award categories

1) humanities, social sciences, or arts research

2) science, math, or engineering research

with one undergraduate and one graduate award for each category. The awards are open to both OSU-Stillwater and OSU-Tulsa students.



Volunteers for the scholarship evaluation committee are Barbara Miller, Gloria Birdine, and Kimberly Peabody. Lynn Scott-Simpson will contact a friend about participating on the committee, as well.



Michele outlined the following timeline for previous awards:

Late January- flyer

1st-2nd week of February- distribute flyer

Early March- deadline

Mid-March- committee makes selections

Late March/Early April- request funds for the awards

April- Research Awards Ceremony

March 2 was set as the deadline for this year’s awards. Invitations will need to be sent for the awards ceremony.




Research Week

Barbara indicated that volunteers are needed for judging the poster presentations, especially for the undergraduates.




Women Faculty Representation

There was an e-mail inquiry from a faculty member about the possibility of WFC conducting some studies on the number of women faculty in each department to see if they are under-represented. Several in attendance recalled that a study of this nature was conducted within the last few years by WFC. Michele will respond to the inquiry and provide information about the previous study and obtain information to help determine if a new study is needed.



Learning Communities 

Jean Van Delinder and the Women’s Studies Program are exploring possibilities for a Women in Leadership and Learning Community in residential housing and requested endorsement from the Women’s Faculty Council for the idea. The Council agreed to endorse the proposal.



WFC Spring meetings:
Friday, February 9
Friday, March 9

Friday, April 13

All meetings will be at 1:30 p.m. in the Student Union, Caucus Room 420.




The meeting was adjourned.