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Helen Clements, Chair, convened the meeting at 12:35. The minutes of the Dec.  meeting were approved without correction.  
Attending the meeting were:    
Susanne Weinberger, Sociology
Helen Clements, Library
Lesley Rimmel, History
Michele Seikel, Library
Penny R. Cremeens, CDIS
Carolyn Hernandez, Affirmative Action

Business meeting.

Faculty Council liaison.  Because Jean Van Delinder has gone on sabbatical this year, we need to appoint another liaison to the Faculty Council. Laura Belmonte attended a council meeting in Jean’s stead, and Helen Clements attended the last meeting. After discussion, Helen decided to ask Frederique Knottnerus and Laura Belmonte if either of them wants to serve for this year. 

2004 meeting times.   Helen said that we will try to schedule meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays as an alternative to Mondays, because Frederique, the vice-chair, has a conflict and can’t attend. Also, we might try to schedule business meetings later in the day when we have speakers. People like to have a set time, but it’s difficult to find a time when everyone can meet. Helen will invite Marlene Strathe, the provost, to meet with us for the February meeting during the last week. 

Faculty Survey.  We discussed whether we should only survey a sample of the OSU faculty, or the entire group. Any survey will of course be somewhat biased, because only some people will respond to a survey. One suggestion was to send out the survey, do an email follow-up, then have a focus group. Susanne and Penny volunteered to work on this.  

Colloquium.  Leslie Rimmel mentioned that last year the WFC co-sponsored a talk by a Russian historian. This year, she is setting up a date for a talk by historian Helen Hundley, who wrote a book on the Russian explorer and ethnographer Aleksandra Potanina. The talk should be on Feb. 12th, and will be held in the library. She asked Michele to send out an announcement for it via the WFC mailing list. 

Carolyn Hernandez.   Carolyn reports that the Office of Federal Contract and Compliance is doing a study on employee pay equity at OSU this year. Their study will examine ALL OSU employees’ compensation, including that of faculty. If they identify inequities of any kind, they will inform Affirmative Action and OSU will make compensation corrections immediately. The last report, done ten years ago, found about 20 pay inequities on campus.

This federal team got their current salary information from Human Resources. They will be examining dates of hire, termination, and salaries by job title and department. Carolyn feels that this year, the Task Force report could just include a description of the agency’s work, which is part of the Dept. of Labor, rather than actual faculty salary comparisons. There is a link to their website on the Affirmative Action page, as well as a recruiting resource book. It’s on the first drop-down menu on the OSU web page. She asked the WFC members to contact her if they know of resources for hiring minorities or women in their fields, especially science and engineering, so that she can share them with search committees in those areas.

Affirmative Action looks for dissertations written by women, to give their names to search committees. They are always looking for new resources to add to their recruiting resource book. She suggested that if the membership knows of graduating Ph.D’s, they should let her know, so as to add their names. One of the best resources is Also, the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, the National Minority Faculty Identification Program, and the Wise Directory. 

Next meeting.  Our February meeting will be held on Thursday, the 26th, at 12:30, in Student Union room 302.  The agenda is below. The provost has confirmed a meeting with us on March 25th. 


I.     Introductions
II.     2004 Research awards 
III.    Faculty Survey
IV.       Task Force report
V.    Meeting adjourned