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Oklahoma State University



The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by Jean Van DeLinder, acting Chair.

Attending were:
Jean Van Delinder, Sociology
Mary O’Donnell, Library
Suzanne Weinberger, Sociology
Michele Seikel, Library
Cynthia Hartung, Psychology
Denise Tillery, English
Lesley Rimmel, History
Tori Gregory, Library
Janet Ahrberg, Library
Patricia Long, Psychology
Frederique Knottnerus, Foreign Languages

Task Force Report. Following round robin introductions, the group discussed modifications to the 2003 Task Force Report, presented by Michele Seikel. In the text, pagination will be added, the margins adjusted, and references to the various tables made. The table will be removed on the Policy website page and a spiral binding added for the President’s copy. On the graphs, the group wanted the wording of the labels changed, and the number changed to percentages. Jean Van Delinder said that her secretary could help with modifications to the graphs. Trish Long also suggested that a recommendation for a campus space for the Women’s Studies Program and/or other women’s campus activities be made.

Women’s Film Festival. Flyers for the 2003 Women’s Film Festival were handed out by Trish Long. They are being distributed around campus. The first film scheduled was on Tuesday, Jan. 28th. The films are very eclectic this year. In addition, there are Brown Bag lunch discussions planned. Trish solicited volunteers to lead discussions on women-centered topics.

Other campus events. Two speakers will also be coming to campus. Evalyn Parry is a feminist performance artist who will be here on Wed., Feb. 12th. Lesley Rimmel has invited an OU professor to speak on the Women’s Battalion in Russia in 1917. Her talk will be held on Feb. 27th, at 2:30. Several campus departments are co-sponsoring. The Bartlett Gallery currently is showing several female-oriented displays. The Vagina Monologues will also be performed on Feb. 13th this year. And, the OSU ECO film project is showing a series of films on globalization, which affects women around the world.

Scholarships. Jean Van DeLinder brought up the scholarships for women which the WFC offers each year. Discussion of nominations was tabled until the next meeting, when the Vice-Chair, Helen Clements, could attend.

Tenure clock/Family Leave. Also, Jean passed out a comparison of tenure clock and family leave policies among Big 12 schools, and pointed out that the University of Oklahoma stops the tenure clock one year for pregnancies.

Next meeting. Our next meeting will be Feb. 28th, at 12:30, in Rm. 419, Student Union. Below is the agenda. Also attached is a tentative modified text for the Task Force Report and its accompanying graphs.

Feb. 28th Agenda

I. Introductions
II. Approval of Jan. 17th minutes
III. 2003 scholarships
IV. 2003 Task Force Report
V. Women’s Studies Program and Film Festival activities
VI. Other items from members
VII. Meeting adjourned