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Oklahoma State University



Present:  Misty Smith, Merrall Price, Melanie Page, Robin Leech, Mary Larson, Jen Macken, Kristen Burkholder, Helen Clements

Merrall Price (Chair) called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m.

Approval of December Minutes:

  • Kristen made a move to approve as amended, Helen seconded, all in favor; minutes of December Meeting approved


Announcements – Upcoming Campus Events:

  • Gender and Women’s Studies Seminar
  • Winds of Hope
  • Education of Shelby Knox


Research Week and Awards:

  • Discussed whether to have 7 or 8 $500 awards
  • Discussed division of awards
  • Discussed how to judge the awards
  • Decided to meet by the end of January to choose the winners, tentatively scheduled for 01/21
  • Research reception will be on 02/12 at 3 or 3:30
  • Michele will send winners  and their advisors emails about winning and the reception

Carol Adams:

  • Discussed the flyer and about whether it was the 10th or 20th anniversary of her work The Sexual Politics of Meet: A
  • Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory
  • Discussed sponsors for the event
  • Lecture will be publicized as a part of Research Week


Other Business:

  • Diane Halpern will be visiting the campus on 01/22 to discuss sex differences and cognition
  • Plans for Women’s History Month – suggested Women of the Dust Bowl



  • Next meeting will be February 3rd time and location TBD
  • Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm