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Oklahoma State University



Helen Clements, Chair, convened the meeting at 11:30.

Attending the meeting were:
Michele Seikel, Library
Helen Clements, Library
Marie Basler, Human Resources
Robin Leech, Library
Merrill Price, History
Nicole Crethar, Library

Child care on campus. Marie Basler from Human Resources and a representative from the Staff Advisory Council came to the meeting to discuss child care on campus. Marie Basler has identified an empty building on Hall of Fame, which once housed equipment and food supplies. But the group fears that the Administration would be unwilling to allocate funds for renovation. They also discussed the recent meeting with Bright Horizons, a corporation which provides care for children and older people. During that meeting, the representatives described their Back-Up Care Advantage Program, which provides local care providers in emergency situations (sick family members), so that the employees can be free to work, and the staff cares for the family member in their own home. That way, parents whose child is unable to attend day care would have an alternative on that day. This idea is attractive because it doesn’t require provision of a building on campus, and the cost to the employee would be only $0 to $20 per day.
It would be better, though, if a larger pool of people bore the cost, so Michele volunteered to contact Stillwater Medical Center, Northern Okla. College, and Meridian Technology Center to see if their human resources departments are interested in participating in a back-up care program.
However, the group agrees that the need for infant care for OSU-affiliated children remains. Marie mentioned that a group of student parents is considering mounting a petition to be given to President Hargis.

The group also briefly talked about the 2009 Research Awards reception on Feb. 18th, and the possibilities for providing a speaker for Research Week next year.

Helen will again contact Jean Van Delinder about updating our web page and/or moving it to the Vice-President of Institutional Diversity’s site.

Next meeting. Our March meeting will be held on Thursday, the 25th.