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Oklahoma State University



4:05 p.m. called to order; Barbara Miller presiding; Linda Watson taking minutes
In attendance:  Barbara Miller, Linda Watson, Helen Clements, Chris Ormsbee, Julie Pearson-Little Thunder, Jodi Jenks, Mary Larson, Janette Steets, Jen Grindstaff, Kiem-Dung Ta, LaRicka Wingate, Kimberly Loeffert, Emily Graham

Old Business:
1. Barbara Miller reported that the deadline for applications for the WFC Research Awards is February 27th.  She said Michele Seikel will oversee the process and will email reviewers with instructions and will call a meeting of the committee to select the winners.  Michele will notify winners and work with the bursar’s office to disburse the funds to the students.  She will schedule a WFC reception inviting OSU administrators; award recipients will be asked to briefly explain their research.  Julie Pearson-Little Thunder suggested that the awardees’ research statements be videotaped during the reception and submitted to OStateTV.  A sign up sheet for those volunteering to serve as a reviewer was circulated at the January and February WFC meetings.  WFC members not at the meeting can contact Barbara or Michele to volunteer or to nominate additional reviewers depending on need.

2. Barbara reported that the OSU Foundation agreement for the Ryder-Smith Scholarship administered by WFC was revised in January by a Committee of Three (Sarah Milligan, Julie Pearson-Little Thunder, and Smita Mohanty).  The agreement now includes the following statement: “Preference shall be given to an undergraduate student who is engaged with issues relating to women and whose life experiences reflect their involvement with these issues.”   This revision was communicated by Barbara to Michal Shaw at the Foundation and approved.  The scholarship application and information will be posted to the WFC website with a March 31st deadline, and additional ways to publicize this scholarship will be pursued through the OSU Foundation.  Final agreement attached.

3.  Barbara discussed Pam Fry’s proposal at the November WFC meeting for the appointment of a ‘WFC Advisory Group to the Provost’.  Pam suggested that some 8 members should be appointed, and that the committee will select its chair from among its members who will serve as the contact person.  Any WFC members interested in serving on this committee should let Barbara know.  A sign up sheet was circulated.

4. ITLE is interested in hosting a panel for the Difficult Dialogue Series on student evaluation of women faculty.  Shelia Kennison contacted Linda and Barbara to request WFC co-sponsorship, which those in attendance at this meeting endorsed.

5. Chris Ormsbee announced she had purchased 15 copies of the book Mama PhD for a monthly book club of women faculty that Pam Fry suggested at a the November 2014 meeting, and that ITLE offered to co-sponsor.  Chris will contact Pam to set this up.


New Business:
1. Barbara reminded those in attendance that OSU is trying to form an AAUP chapter that could be another lobbying group for women faculty.

2. Barbara announced that elections for next year need to be held this spring.  Ordinarily a chair-elect and secretary/treasurer are elected with the previous year’s chair-elect moving into the chair’s position.  Since the WFC currently has no officers and only an executive committee (Barbara Miller, Helen Clements, Michele Seikel, Linda Watson), the Bylaws need to be examined to determine how to proceed with elections.  Linda agreed to examine the bylaws.  Barbara asked that anyone interested in serving as an officer should let her know.

3. Chris Ormsbee reported on the ITLE Women’s Leadership Program to be organized this semester for Fall 2015.  This is a mentoring program for female tenured faculty to be paired with women administrators at OSU, with the outcome intended to be leadership experience.  The application process will be posted soon with a March or April deadline. Participation requires a time commitment that involves working on a project with an administrator.

Meeting adjourned, 4:50 p.m.