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Oklahoma State University



Present:  Misty Smith, Merrall Price, Kristen Burkholder, Nicole Crethar, Mary Larson, Carol Mason, Jen Macken, Michele Seikel, Helen Clements, Barbara Miller

Merrall Price (Chair) called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.

Approval of November Minutes:  
Kristen made a move to approve with correction, Barbara seconded, all in favor; minutes of November Meeting approved

Announcements – Upcoming Campus Events:

  • GWST 3450 – Violence and Gender class
  • Feminist faculty and students  from all over the state will come to discuss their local triumphs and challenges on their campuses – 01/29/10
  • Abortion exhibit – discussed
  • Endowment – discussed and mentioned talking to Women Philanthropy in HES; endowment has progressed a little money but lost some last year

Daycare Update:

  • Renaissance is very interested in having an OSU location or a discount for OSU
  • Danny Darnell from Staff Advisory Council has gotten involved
  • We would like to survey faculty and staff to find out if they already use Renaissance or another Daycare and if they do use another Daycare would they be willing to switch?
  • Stillwater Medical Center is interested in having a Daycare and might be willing to partner with OSU
  • Do we need IRB approval for the survey?
  • Next step is to create survey
    • Include age of children
    • Include price range of current Daycare

Research Week and Awards:

  • Carol Adams talk will be held in the Browsing Room on Thursday, Feb. 18th from 3-5
  • 10 applications received so far for Research Awards
  • Judges for Research Awards – send email out to list asking for reviewers
  • Meet to discuss second week of January

Other Business:

  • Carol Adams
    • GPSGA wants to help publicize
    • Make a poster for the event
    • Have in the browsing room
    • Vegan food catering
  • Have assigned domestic hire benefits to a committee


  • Next meeting will be January 13th time and location TBD
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm