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Oklahoma State University



Helen Clements, Chair, convened the meeting at 12:40. The minutes of the Nov. 13th meeting were approved with 3 corrections: the spelling of Aditi Mitra’s & Susan Kimball’s names, and that Susan Savage is Secretary of State of Oklahoma, rather than Attorney General.
Attending the meeting were:
Susanne Weinberger, Sociology
Helen Clements, Library
Michele Seikel, Library

2004 meetings. Carolyn Hernandez, head of the OSU Affirmative Action Office, will meet with us at our January meeting. Also, it was suggested that we send out a message to the membership asking what would be the best day and time for them to attend meetings next semester. We will invite the Provost to our February meeting, and possibly Susan Savage will be invited to speak in March or
April on the political climate for women in Oklahoma. If she agrees to speak, we will invite the public and publicize her meeting to the entire campus.

Task Force Report. Michele Seikel distributed copies of the first draft of the 2004 Report. It still lacks figures for the gender percentages of the 2003/2004 student body and faculty. Those figures have not yet been posted. Also, Michele will request a copy of the figures given to the salary consultant for salaries and gender percentages by department in January for use in the report. Susanne Weinberger mentioned that her students have analyzed the 2003 report, and their conclusion was that OSU needs more female faculty, and that the continuing salary gap is “disgusting”.

Letter to the OSU Deans. A letter to the OSU deans has been drafted, asking them to appoint faculty members to attend and participate in the Women’s Faculty Council. It was decided to send it out in April, so that the Deans can appoint someone for the 2004 fall term. Susanne asked if we knew for sure that the Council was appointed by the President.

Faculty survey. Question 53 is referred to in Question 37, and we have text for only up question 45, so we need to determine if there were additional questions. The survey also lacks questions about child care arrangements. Helen suggested that a committee composed of a cross-section of the faculty should administer the survey. Also, we need to check each question against our mission and goals and modify them accordingly. We also agreed that it would be best to put the survey on a web page with software that could collate the answers. We may use Blackboard or WebCT for this.

Next meeting. Our January meeting will take place on the 26th at 12:00 in rm. 302 of the Student Union.


I. Introductions
II. New liaison to the Faculty Council
III. Discussion with Carolyn Hernandez, Head of Affirmative Action
IV. Meeting adjourned