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Oklahoma State University



Chair-Elect Karin Schestokat called the meeting to order at 1:00, because Chair Jean Van Delinder was unable to attend. Minutes of the September meeting were approved as written, but noting that the Oklahoma Women’s Almanac Colloquium has been moved back indefinitely. 

Task Force Report on Recruitment and Retention of Women Faculty. Barbara Miller reported Carolyn Hernandez has suggested that recruitment of faculty should be coordinated, as we advocated in our Task Force Report. Dr. Thomas would like to appoint a faculty recruitment coordinator and is trying to the ball rolling. Helen Clements said that he hasn’t specifically commented on our task force report as yet, although he did bring up spousal hiring at the latest Diversity Committee meeting.

Also, Cathy Slezar is working on a project researching the amount of time it takes for women faculty to move into higher level positions, and Barbara Miller feels that the project should be supported. 
The sample recruitment packet for our Task Force Report could be updated with new materials on an annual basis. Helen Clements, Michele Seikel, and Lara Maxwell will meet to work on that in the new year.

The Faculty Council’s Faculty Committee has begun to discuss developing a university-wide spousal hiring plan, and Barbara handed out a background sheet on this topic. The Provost has said that she is not opposed to developing a plan on principle. The Faculty Committee will continue working on a plan during this academic year. 

Research awards. This year, we will begin working on the Research Awards in January, in order to have more time for students to apply and for faculty to review the applications. We discussed whether to limit the awards to the Stillwater campus student body only this year, but the issue was tabled until more members could participate in a discussion.

We will offer three $300.00 awards. We will meet during the first week of January to firm up plans to advertise the awards.