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Oklahoma State University



Helen Clements, Chair, convened the meeting at 12:35, followed by round-robin introductions. The minutes of the May 9th meeting were approved with 2 changes; Jacquice Mahdi, Megan Andrews’, and Nestor Gonzalez’s names were corrected.

Attending the meeting were:
Michele Seikel, Library
Suzanne Weinberger, Sociology
Frederique Knottnerus, Foreign Languages
Helen Clements, Library
Beth Caniglia, Sociology
Patricia Bell, Sociology
Trish Long, Psychology
Judy Oehler-Stinnett, Psychology
Cokie Anderson, Library

Strategic Plan. Helen passed out copies of the SWOT analysis and Strategic Plan and invited discussion. On the SWOT analysis document, the group decided to delete the last sentence under Lack of employment opportunities for faculty spouses on campus and in the area, to avoid leaving the impression that the WFC would take over this function on campus for the administration. The SWOT team will meet again on Sept. 3rd in the Sociology Dept. to complete the strategic plan.

Women’s Film Festival. The 2003/2004 schedule is set and the web page is up for this semester. Trish Long passed out a flyer for the Fall 2003 schedule. The 1st film will be The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It, on Sept. 3rd at 7:30 in the Classroom Bldg. 313. The kickoff event for the festival this year will be held at 6:00, Sept. 10th, and WFC members are invited. The reception is RSVP. The Women’s Film Festival, the Eco Film Project, Unseen Cinema, and the Student Activities Board are coordinating their offerings this year, and some of the films will be shown in the Watkins Center.

Women’s Studies Program. The Women’s Studies Program has a diverse set of course offerings this year, and the Program will also present their own strategic plan. Trish Long plans to call the faculty who are teaching or have taught classes together to make decisions about curriculum changes and requirements for the Certificate. Currently, the Women’s Studies Certificate only requires 18 hours of classes within the College of Arts & Sciences. Dr. Long also hopes to develop a greater feeling of membership in the Program, on the part of both students and faculty. The Brown Bag Program has four volunteers so far, for 20 minute programs followed by questions and discussion. Some students will be participating. Women’s Studies doesn’t have any additional programming or planned speakers set up yet.

Task Force Report. This year’s Task Force members will be Mary O’Donnell, Michele Seikel, and Judy Oehler-Stinnett. If possible, the 2004 report will include figures comparing salaries within individual OSU colleges, rather than for the campus as a whole. Cokie Anderson also volunteered to turn the 2003 Task Force Report into a PDF file, so that it can be added to the Women’s Faculty Council website.

Beth Caniglia announced that she and Jean Van Delinder have gotten a grant to conduct 4 workshops on institutional diversity this year, and they are interested in getting representatives from each college to participate.

Next meeting. Our next meeting will take place on Sept. 11th at 12:30, Student Union Rm. 302.


I. Introductions
II. Approval of Aug. 28th minutes
III. Strategic Plan
IV. Report on Women’s Film Festival
V. Report on Women’s Studies Program and activities
VI. 2004 Task Force Report
VII. new items from members
VIII. Meeting adjourned