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Oklahoma State University



Present:  Misty Smith, Merrall Price, Barbara Miller, Janet Ahrberg, Michele Seikel, Nicole Sump-Crethar, Hui-fen Chang, Kristen Birkholder
Helen Clements (Chair) called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.


Approval of February Minutes:  
•    There was a motion to approve minutes with corrections; the motion was seconded and all in favor.  February minutes were approved as corrected.

Announcements – ADVANCE Team Survey:
•    Helen announced the ADVANCE Team Survey, which deals with the working environment for all faculty members, and encouraged everyone to take the time to complete the survey.

Discussion of Future Direction for Day Care Initiatives:
•    Technical writing class is writing about daycare issues on campus
•    Meet with student groups
•    Discuss money issues

New Head of Division of Institutional Diversity:
•    Dr. Jason Kirksey is the new head of the Division of Institutional Diversity
•    Would like to have a meeting with him this spring

Research Week/Research Awards: 
•    Discussed possible speakers for Research Week next year – Dana Britton, Henrietta Mann
•    Discussed how much money we will have to try to recruit a speaker
•    Discussed Research Awards and if there is anything that we would like to change
•    Deadline for Research Awards in mid-December; start advertising in September
•    Would like to come up with a more definitive set of criteria
•    Will talk to Emeriti Professors about judging
•    Will work on creating an online form to apply for Research Awards

Other Women’s Issues for WFC Consideration:
•    ADVANCE group – invite to meeting
•    Health plans for women

Election of Officers for 2009-2010:
•    Chair – Merrall Price
•    Vice-Chair – Michele Seikel
•    Secretary/Treasurer – Misty Smith
•    Faculty Council Liaison– Barbara Miller

Other Business:
•    None


•    Meeting adjourned.  May meeting is yet to be determined.