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Oklahoma State University


 Present: Barbara Miller, Mary Larson, Melanie Page, Michele Seikel, Jen Macken, Helen Clements
Michele Seikel (Chair) called the meeting to order at 11:37 am

Approval of March Minutes:

  • Barbara moved to approve; Mary seconded

RFP for OSU Childcare:
Barbara and Mary discussed their meeting with Anne Matoy and Christa Louthan. Main points:

  • Renaissance was the only RFP in the second round (with nothing local in the first round)
  • First test phase will entail off-campus childcare, and if there is enough interest, Renaissance has plans for development and can have a new facility built in under a year
  • No word what the discount for OSU-affiliated parents will be
  • Everyone recognizes that the first phase of this situation is not optimal, but it is a start, and hopefully we can build from there


Women’s Resource Center:
Jen Macken reported on where we are with a proposal:

  • Carol Mason’s grad student has been looking at other Big 12 centers
  • Jen has been working on what we already have at OSU that could be incorporated into a center
  • One main issue at this point is that OSU has no dedicated professional focusing on sexual violence, which most centers have
  • Looking for a physical space with offices for professionals to have confidential meetings
  • Jen is putting together a draft plan by the end of the month and will send it along when it gets ready to go to the Provost


  • Will take place at May WFC meeting
  • Before meeting, Michele will send out an e-mail and will check with some potential candidates
  • As part of a general discussion on increasing participation, Melanie wondered if we might be able to add staff to the Council, and Barbara will be following up on what implications that might have for our ability to report to Faculty Council
  • Report from Faculty Council:
  • Relevant information was given during discussions scattered throughout the meeting



  • Next meeting, May 18th at 11:30 am
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:42 pm