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Oklahoma State University

Bylaws of the Women's Faculty Council

Approved 1/25/78

Revisions approved
2/8/78, 2/10/78
4/9/80, 11/20/80
9/14/83, 3/11/88
11/9/88, 4/12/89                                                                                                             
6/14/89, 4/9/99,
9/12/2000, 1/26/07


The Women's Faculty Council of Oklahoma State University is under the aegis of the OSU Office of Institutional Diversity.  The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the President of the University, administration, and the university community. The Council has the responsibility of studying those needs and problems which are primarily the result of the changing roles of women in society and in institutions of higher education, and of making recommendations which will promote progress toward equality of opportunity for women and men in all segments of the University community.


All full-time female faculty of the OSU-Stillwater campus  (minimum 75% appointment) or members emeriti of the Faculty with the academic rank of instructor or its equivalent are full members of the Council with voting privileges. Only full-time faculty members (tenure-track) may serve as officers in the Council. Associate members may include a representative from any organized group on campus. Associate members may serve on committees.


The officers of the Women's Faculty Council include the Chair, the Vice‑Chair, and a Secretary/Treasurer. The Executive Committee is comprised of the Current Chair, the Immediate Past-Chair, the Vice-Chair, and the Secretary/Treasurer


A. The Chair

  1. Shall be responsible for providing sustained leadership to its Executive Committee and preside at meetings of the Council.
  2. Shall prepare an agenda for meetings of the Women's Faculty Council and provide a copy to the Secretary/Treasurer for distribution to all members of the Council at least 48 hours prior to the next meeting.
  3. Shall be available to advise the President and/or Provost of the University in the selection of women for appointment to administrative committees in consultation with members of the Women's Faculty Council.
  4. Shall refer communications requesting study or action to the appropriate committee of the Women’s Faculty Council.
  5. Shall be responsible for maintaining all records of the Women’s Faculty Council.
  6. Shall present an annual report and allocation/budget request to Office of Institutional Diversity.
  7. Shall appoint a liaison to the General Faculty Council.

B. The Vice Chair

  1. Shall work closely with the chair to become familiar with the duties of the chair.
  2. Shall serve as a member of the Executive Committee.
  3. Shall assume the duties of the Chair in her absence.
  4. Shall work with the Chair in drawing up the annual allocation/budget request and shall present it to the members of the Council for suggestions. 

C. The Secretary/Treasurer

  1. Shall be responsible for keeping minutes of the meeting and distributing the minutes and the agenda to members at least 48 hours prior to the next meeting.
  2. Shall publicize meetings and activities of the Women’s Faculty Council through appropriate campus venues.
  3. Shall carry on the necessary correspondence of the Women’s Faculty Council.
  4. Shall serve as a member of the Executive Committee.
  5. Shall be responsible for maintaining the funds of the Women’s Faculty Council.

D. The Liaison to the General Faculty Council

  1. Shall bring to the attention of the Women’s Faculty Council all requests for study or action by the General Faculty Council.
  2. Shall endeavor to inform the General Faculty Council of the activities of the Women’s Faculty Council.
  3. Shall serve on Committees and Subcommittees as appropriate.

V. Elections 

The Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected by the members of the Council at the last meeting of the spring semester and shall serve for one year. The Vice‑Chair will succeed to the Chair and shall serve a one-year term as Chair.  Nominees for office must be current and full members of the Council.


A. Monthly meetings of the Women’s Faculty Council should be held from September to April. The dates, times, and location of Council meetings should be determined by the Executive Committee.  Meetings of the Executive Committee should be held in August and May, or special instances as defined below.

B. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by three members of the Council. All members of the Council must be notified at least 72 hours in advance of the meetings or, in case of emergency, members should be notified as early as possible.


The order of business shall include the following:

  1. Sign-in
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Reports of Committees
  4. Unfinished Business
  5. New Business
  6. Announcements
  7. Adjournment

VIII. PROCEDURE                                                                                                     

A.  Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

B.  The use of a secret ballot shall be mandatory when requested by a member or officer of the Council.

IX. ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                                

For the purpose of maintaining a record and communicating to the University at large, an annual report of the activities of the Women’s Faculty Council shall be compiled by the Chair and submitted to the University Provost and the Office of Institutional Diversity.


Bylaws of the Women’s Faculty Council may be amended by simple majority of the votes cast by members of the Council, provided that the proposed changes have been submitted to the members at least two weeks in advance of the vote.